Land Rover Defender’s Cult Following Will Love Ares’ Latest Design

The ARES Land Rover Defender is one that is sure to please the nearly cult following of its most devoted fans. Since 1948, when the Land Rover first appeared on the market, a growing base of fanatical devotion to the vehicles has grown around the world. And with good reason. The Land Rover has more than earned a reputation for a go-anywhere attitude and for being super reliable. ARES Design has taken the 2014 version of this legend and added an increased level of style, poise, and performance.

front view land rover

ARES, based out of Modena, Italy, updated the body of the Land Rover with premium carbon fiber parts before moving on to the engine. Now, they didn’t outfit the Land Rover for speed. Top speed only comes in at about 93 miles per hour. But speed isn’t a reason for buying a Land Rover in the first place. Instead, ARES opted for power. Their version sports a 475 horsepower V8 engine. With that kind of beast under the hood, it only makes sense to update the front and rear bumpers for a little heavy-duty use and to include Fox shock absorbers to pit against any terrain or condition you might run into. New front and rear LED lights were added as was a front winch. The exhaust manifold is completely custom, and the brakes have been upgraded as well.

back view land rover

Outside, the Land Rover may be all business, but inside it’s all luxury with handcrafted artisan panels in leather, carbon, and aluminum.

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