The Jimny Little D Body Kit Turns Your Suzuki into a Defender

The Jimny has been produced by Suzuki since 1970, and has been one of the company’s more successful brands with 2.85 million Jimnys being sold in 194 countries since its launch. Earlier this year, Suzuki released the fourth generation of the Jimny, and riding the cocoattailsf that release, Damd created a body kit to beef up the car’s appearance.

back view suzuki jimny

Damd, based out of Japan, is offering the Little D Suzuki Body Kit, which takes the look of the new Jimny and gives a boxier, bigger presence. The kit replaces the grille, headlamps, and both bumpers, as well as the wheels. The effect turns the car into something more akin to a little brother to a Land Rover Defender.

The kit doesn’t touch some of the traits that have made the Jimny popular, like the full-access door in the rear and the high fender flares.

No pricing has been announced, but availability might be the major issue. Suzuki is only releasing the Jimny in Japan for now.

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