The First Ever Electric Porsche Gets a Name

Porsche is putting out an all-electric vehicle that will be taking on the e-car giant Tesla and recently they announced the name of the car: Taycan. According to Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, “Taycan” roughly translates to “a lively young horse.” Given Porsche’s emblem, the name make sense, even if it leaves something to be desired. But what’s in a name after all, as the Bard asked. You’re not going to be a Taycan because of its name. You’re going to buy it for what it can do.

electric porsche inside view

And you won’t be disappointed. The Taycan will have two electric motors that have a combined output of over 600 horsepower. There’ll be none of that golf cart engine feel with this stallion (maybe that’s where the “lively” horse comes in?). Taycan will reportedly be able to hit 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and will top out around 125 miles per hour in less than 12 seconds. And while Tesla may have to have an asterisk by their 0-60 stats, Porsche is boasting that they can hit their mark all day every day.

Outfitted with multiple driving modes, Taycan can optimize its use of its lithium-ion battery, extending battery life when you’re not on the track. According to Porsche, the Taycan will have a 310-mile range. And once all the battery juice is used up, it can be recharged to 80 percent in as little as 15 minutes with an 800-volt charger.

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