The Land Rover Defender Bigfoot Marketing Missed the Mark

Look, it’s not easy to come up with creative marketing plans, but the marketing for the Land Rover Defender Bigfoot missed the mark. The idea was to compare the Bigfoot to the villain of a Bond movie. Sound idea, but not quite right for the Bigfoot. This Land Rover may be “suave, debonair, elegant” but this SUV is a beast. It’s not the villain of a Bond movie, it’s the seven-foot-tall-five-foot-wide henchman that towers over Bond. The marketing plan should have stuck with “the heavily beefed up Volcanic Rock Satin Big Foot edition.”

land rover defender bigfoot front side

Start with the obvious—the reason for the name “Bigfoot.” The Bigfoot has five 10X16 inch five Spoke Tubler Steel Wheels in Beadlock Satin Black. Those wheels are capped with five 37 inch Maxxis Trepador Extreme Off Road Tires. The Defender comes equipped with a 2,198cc four-cylinder engine capable of 360 Nm of torque and a four wheel drive, six speed transmission. The front wings come with integrated vents. An A-frame winch surround sits on the replaced front bumper with sump guards. The exhaust is a twin crosshair system with exhaust shields and stainless steel tailpipes that will growl down any competition.

land rover side view

And yes, the interior of the Bigfoot is just as advertised—luxurious and commodious. Russian Blue Leather and Blue Harris Tweed cover the interior. Boot sill plates and rubber mats provide protection from rough adventuring. But, hey, even a monstrous henchman needs a little comfort now and then.

land rover back side

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