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To truly get an idea of what the Land Rover Defender is all about, you need to trace its roots back to the UK, so it’s no surprise that one of the best Land Rover Defender customizers in the US, E.C.D. Automotive Design, was founded by three guys from England. The guys grew up only 40 miles from the Lode Lane factory, where Land Rover produced its Defenders. In 2012, one of those founders, Tom Humble, moved to the US and started importing the vehicles that he had grown up around, including the Defender. In 2013, Tom opened a showroom and workshop, and brought his brother Elliot on as his first employee. Scott Wallace rounded out the trio, bringing the idea that they needed to control the customization process from beginning to end to the company.

e.c.d offroad defender

Working out of a 30,000 square foot facility, E.C.D. has over 50 full-time employees, including 33 ASE-certified technicians, who spend their days putting together award-winning vehicles. What makes their trucks so different is that there are no two that are alike because each vehicle is made to meet the demands of the customer. The team compares their work to the idea of the conception of a child—what color eyes? What color hair? How do you want it to behave? E.C.D. delves that deeply into the DNA of your custom build, making sure that each part and piece is exactly what you want.

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The process of creating your own custom Land Rover Defender starts with selecting from five options: the D90, the D110, the D130, the RRC, or the Series 2A. The online process then guides you through selecting the color, types of wheels and grille, and other accessories. You then move inside where you select the type of dash, seat, and leather, including the stitch pattern. The final step is to pore over all the options for both the interior and exterior, including sound systems and lighting for the interior or winches and lamps on the outside. You also get to choose from four engines—a Chevrolet LS3, a Chevrolet LC9, a Cummins Diesel, and a Rover V8.

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When it comes time to put together your own Defender, you’re going to want someone who has the heritage and the passion to create the very best, and that’s E.C.D. Automotive Design.

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E.C.D. Custom Land Rover Defender