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best electric bikes

14 Best Electric Bikes Money Can Buy

Starting to feel like the 90s-era Huffy just isn’t cutting it anymore? Maybe you want something with a little more speed and pizzaz, but you aren’t willing to front up for the lycra crew. Then you need to get your hands on one of the best electric bikes on the market. Over the last few years, sales for electric bikes or e-bikes have skyrocketed. In fact, since the UberEats movement took hold, we’ve seen heaps more people take the plunge into electric push bike ownership. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing someone flying down the sidewalk on a folding electric bike or electric mountain bike, particularly in our major cities. One would hate to count the number of e-bikes Melbourne has. Sure, we’re still a long way off Amsterdam numbers, but you can’t ignore a revolution (see what we did there?).

People are starting to get on the level when it comes to sustainability and environmental practices. The world won’t be around forever, so rather than fill her up with fumes and oil, why not strap on a helmet and settle onto the best electric bike you can find.

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What Type of Electric Bike Should I Get?

Choosing the best electric bike for you is a truly personal decision. Rather than get bogged down in price, mileage, speed or assembly, think first about what you plan on doing with the electric push bike. Will you be using it to travel to and from work? Then chances are, you need something that is light, durable and easy to store once you get there. In that case, it might be worth exploring the idea of a foldable electric bike.

At the same time, if you need to carry passengers or large items, it’s worth investing in a cargo bike. One of the best aspects of the growing electric bicycle movement is how prevalent the once ultra-specifics stores now are. In today’s world, you can head into pretty much any bike store Australia has to offer and you’ll be greeted with a knowledgable staff member and a wealth of bikes at your disposal. Talk to them about what you plan on doing with the bike, the terrain you will be traversing and any storage solutions.

The aesthetics do come into play, however, so make sure you get a colour you like.

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

While some people may bill them as a slow motorcycle or scooter, electric bikes feature more of an assist function rather than a full-blown electric engine. Essentially, most electric bicycles work by assisting your pedal movement as you ride, taking some of the pressure off your legs and alleviating some of the more challenging aspects of riding. The motor cuts in when your speed drops below a certain level, allowing you to keep powering through regardless of how tired you are or how steep that hill is.

At the same token, once your speed goes above a certain level, the motor will cut out, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll get any pedal assist above 27.5kmph. Some electric bikes have a throttle, similar to a motorcycle so you don’t need to pedal at all, whereas others have both a throttle and pedal system.

best electric bikes

How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

Unsurprisingly, electric bikes aren’t cheap, as is the case with most specialist hobbies. However, as the appeal of electric bicycles grows, slowly the price is lowering. Sure, you might not be able to get one of the best electric bikes Australia has seen for under $5,000, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score a pretty decent one for a little over a thousand dollars.

On the lower of the spectrum, some independent brands offer electric bikes from as little as $800 with basic functionality and support. Those willing to shell out a little more can ensure they get one of the best electric bikes on the market for up to $15,000. That might be a ready-made cargo bike with all the trimmings, lights, rack and panniers. For the most part, a really decent electric bike will set you back around $3,000.

How Long Do Electric Bike Batteries Last?

The last thing you want to do is run out of juice right when you’re sitting at the bottom of a monster hill. Most electric bikes have lithium-ion battery packs with 8Ah-14Ah capacity, with voltage from 24V-36V. Depending on the model you choose, your battery life can differ greatly. As a general guide, the most common battery in electric bikes is a 36V 10Ah battery. This battery will take you 50km using the highest level of assistance or 100km using the lowest. The higher the Ah range of your battery, generally, the longer you can ride for.

It’s important to remember that these are just guides. Things like hills, wind and carrying heavy weight can drain the battery faster. Most electric bike batteries will last around 500 charges, but they should be replaced every three years.

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What to Look For in an Electric Bike

Choosing the best electric bike isn’t exactly the easiest decision, especially if you don’t have much experience in the matter. Certain factors outweigh others, but there are some key considerations you need to make front and centre. Here is what to look for in an electric bike;

  • Weight: Electric bikes can be heavy. The size of the battery in your chosen model will make up much of the weight in your bike, so choose wisely. If you are planning to carry it up stairs, maybe don’t opt for the 27kg model.
  • Motor: Depending on your model of choice, you could get a front hub motor or rear hub motor. Front hub motors are far easier to remove for maintenance.
  • Accessories: Always remember to wear a helmet when riding. Lights, locks, mudguards and a bike pump are also essential additions, especially if you plan on going for a lengthy ride.

Best Electric Bikes to Buy

Now you’ve got your essentials down, it’s time to delve deep into the best electric bikes on the market. Some of these will be brands you’ve grown up with, either pushing BMX or mountain bikes, whereas others will be new ventures entirely. Nevertheless, buckle up, there is a lot to get through.

Here is a list of the 14 best electric bikes to buy.

Leitner Electric Folding Bicycle

1. Leitner Electric Folding Bicycle

Designed for ease of use with a low-step frame and curved cruiser handlebars, the Leitner Electric Folding Bike wouldn’t look out of place on the Venice Beach boardwalks. The bike also scores puncture-resistant tires, genuine Samsung battery cells and a powerful hub motor.

Range: 20-50km with pedal-assist (can be upgraded)
Motor: Rear-wheel 36V 250 Watt Samsung Lithium Battery Cells
Frame: Aircraft-grade light-weight aluminium alloy 6061
: AUD$1,295.00

Buy it here

Trek Powerfly FS 5 G2

2. Trek Powerfly FS 5 G2

This versatile, full-suspension electric mountain bike is a real off-road warrior. Trek’s 30mm trail bike features a powerful Bosch motor, a RockShox fork, Shimano drivetrain and a durable Alpha Platinum aluminium frame. The Trek Powerfly FS 5 G2 also has a removable integrated battery for better balance on the trail.

Motor: Bosch Performance CX, 250 Watt, 75 Nm, 25 km/h max assist
Weight: 23.88kg
Frame: Alpha Platinum aluminium frame
: AUD$5,999.00

Buy it here



The GIANT REVOLT E+ PRO is a versatile drop-bar e-bike that gives you the power to hit gravel roads and live out your ultimate off-road adventure. It features a powerful SyncDrive Pro motor attached to its durable ALUXX SL aluminium frame. The smooth-riding tubeless tyres also allow you to tackle any terrain. One of the best electric bikes for those looking to stray from the path.

Motor: Giant SyncDrive Pro, powered by Yamaha
Frame: ALUXX SL grade aluminium, 12mm thru-axle
Price: AUD$6,299.00

Buy it here

Amsterdam + E-Bike

4. Lekker Amsterdam + E-Bike

When you want a bike, you go to Amsterdam. This minimal yet practical electric bike design is a smooth riding-commuter. The lightweight 250W rear engine keeps momentum and allows you to glide through the inner city streets. While not the best electric bike for off-road trails, this Amsterdam + e bike will get you where you need to go, and quick.

Motor: Bafang H400 Series 36v 250W Rear Hub, Torque Sensor w/ a torque of 45 N.m
Weight: 19kg
Frame: Aluminium 650B with integrated battery case
Price: AUD$2,898.00

Buy it here

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

5. Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

Specialized’s pinnacle build, the S-Works Turbo Creo SL is easily one of the best electric bicycles you can buy, provided you can afford it. This machine features a FACT 11r chassis and Future Shock 2.0 with hydraulic damper with a smooth ride. It’s also the lightest e-bike in its class.

Motor: Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motor
Frame: FACT 11r carbon
Price: AUD$19,000.00

Buy it here

Michael Blast Greaser Springer 2020

6. Michael Blast Greaser Springer 2020

While the Michael Blast Greaser Springer might not be the best electric bike performance-wise, it is definitely the coolest. This modern machine is inspired by the 1920s board tracker and is 100% Australian designed. It’s got a beefy Bafang 500W geared brushless rear hub motor, meaning you can hit speeds of over 40kmph.

Motor: Bafang 500W – Geared Brushless Rear Hub Electric Motor
Weight: 29kg
Frame: Aluminium A6061 Tig welded
Price: AUD$4,400.00

Buy it here

Dyson 26' Folding Adventure EBike

7. Dyson 26′ Folding Adventure E-Bike

For those who don’t have a lot of room, a folding electric bike is a great option. This Dyson 26′ adventure e-bike features a powerful 250W motor and a lighter hardtail design. At AUD$1,999 it’s also on the cheaper end for folding e-bikes

Motor: 250 Watt Brushless DC geared rear hub, rear mounting
Range: Approximately 50-90kms, up to 5-hours on assist level 1^
Weight: 22kg
Frame: Folding aluminium with rear suspension
Price: AUD$1,999.00

Buy it here

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0

8. Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0

While an obvious step-down in price and performance compared to the Specialized Turbo Creo SL, the Turbo Vado 3.0 is still one of the best electric bikes to buy. The ultra-lightweight frame houses the 1.2 E motor that has been custom-tuned for city riding. According to Specialized, it “intuitively reacts to the force of your pedalling, so the harder you pedal, the more power it delivers.”

Motor: Specialized 1.2 E, customer Rx Street-Tuned motor, 250W nominal
Frame: Turbo aluminium
Price: AUD$4,500.00

Buy it here

Trek Rail 9.8

9. Trek Rail 9.8

Designed for those looking for a long-form trail ride, the Trek Rail 9.8 is one of the best electric bikes for adventurers. This edition features an upgraded fork, drivetrain and dropper for exceptional performance on long runs.

Motor: Bosch Performance CX 250W
Weight: 21.92kg
Frame: OCLV Mountain Carbon main frame
Price: AUD$11,799.99

Buy it here

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500

10. Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500

Incorporating high-end Bosch technology for an affordable price makes the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 one of the best e-bikes Australia has to offer. The versatile bike is perfect for commuting or for a weekend adventure with the family; whatever takes your fancy.

Motor: Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX 250W
Price: AUD$4,299.00

Buy it here

Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 650b

11. Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 650b

Another great electric bicycle from Specialized, the Turbo Como 3.0 650b is a ride that focuses on comfort rather than speed. Ergonomically designed for city-riding, the Como is a sleek and near-silent electric bike, that is perfect for commuting

Motor: Specialized 1.2 E, customer Rx Street-Tuned motor, 250W nominal
Frame: Turbo aluminium
Price: AUD$4,800.00

Buy it here



With a compact and powerful motor, the GIANT FASTROAD is a great option for those looking for a reliable daily ride. The lightweight aluminium frame is easy to carry and houses the SyncDrive Pro motor and a long-lasting EnergyPak 375Wh Smart battery.

Motor: Giant SyncDrive Pro, powered by Yamaha
Frame: ALUXX SL grade aluminium
Price: AUD$5,499.00

Buy it here

Norco Range VLT C1

13. Norco Range VLT C1

This beast of an e-bike has been designed to traverse the toughest terrain across the country. The Norco Range VLT C1 features a unique combination of long-reach, slack head tube angle and steep seat tube angle to create a more forward weight distribution. Want to head down a mountain? Too easy.

Motor: Shimano STEPS E800
Frame: Carbon 27.5, 170mm Travel
Price: AUD$10,499.00

Buy it here

Cell ULTIMO E2.0

14. Cell ULTIMO E2.0

One of the best electric bikes for the daily commuter, the Cell ULTIMO E2.o is a modern take on the traditional step-through frame. Matched with a Shimano 9-Speed drivetrain the give the rider a lot more range in speed, the e-bike is a sure-fire winner for a new rider. At AUD$1,599, it’s also great value.

Motor: Entity 36V 250W rear hub
Frame: Internally routed, lightweight alloy
Price: AUD$1,599.00

Buy it here

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Still have questions? We’ve got you covered.

General FAQ

What is the best electric bicycle on the market?

From an overall standpoint, the Leitner Electric Folding Bicycle is highest-rated electric bike Australia has seen. According to ProductReview, the bike scores a 4.9 out of 5.0 thanks to its easy assembly, solid motor and decent price point.

What is the most powerful electric bike?

The most powerful electric bike on the market is the Stealth Bomber. It weighs 116 lbs and features a 1.5 kilowatt hour battery pack and a 4 hour fast charge system that could run around 110 to 240 volts.

Which e bike has the longest range?

With a Guinness world record breaking 367 km (228 mi) distance on a single charge, Delfast's Prime electric bicycle holds the record for the longest range e-bike.