Lexus Makes Waves with its Sport Yacht Concept

The Lexus Sport Yacht concept is designed for recreational day-touring for six to eight passengers, made from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, the same technology used in supercars and world-class racing sailboats. Because of the carbon fibre design, the Lexus yacht is 997kg lighter than a similar sized yacht made from fibreglass. The hull features a stepped design to reduce drag and to improve handling and balance at high speeds.

lexus sport yacht concept front

Lexus fitted two 5.0-litre V8 engines borrowed from their LC500 coupe. Each engine has 330kW of power, and the watercraft can reach a top speed of 43 knots. A large colour touchscreen handles infotainment such as navigation, radar, sonar, music and lighting. Of course, it also has built-in 4G WiFi. With Air con, fridge, stove and shower, the Lexus concept yacht has more features than some homes.

Currently, the Lexus Sports Yacht will remain a concept design. However, it’s giving all competitors notice that Lexus is willing and able to create amazing experiences on every level, whether by land or by sea.

Check it out

lexus sport yacht concept front design

lexus sport yacht concept top view

lexus sport yacht concept best journey

lexus sport yacht concept engine controller

lexus sport yacht concept back

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