Copper is the New Black: BMW R100 R Copper Café Racer

When I am gauging my interest in a custom motorcycle, the first thing I look at is how different it is than other bikes I would see on the road. The Chalcolithic Café Racer – BMW R100 R Mystic, passes that initial test with flying colors. Well, flying copper-color to be precise. With a chassis made entirely of cloaked copper, Vincent Degano has made one hell of an awesome machine.

We’ve seen many bikes detailed with this material before, but it has never looked quite this good. Built in the scrambler-style for added comfort, Degano based his design off old French police bikes, like the ones he saw his father riding in his early childhood.

Set under the brushed copper frame is a beautifully exposed 980cc airhead, an imposing engine for this size of bike. The spoked wheels and wide rubber tires add a menacing and powerful look to the bike, completing its rugged façade.

Intentionally stripped of all unnecessary parts, this bike looks like it could be driven out of Mad Max, but would be equally at home outside of an elegant Beverly Hills mansion. Perfect for any occasion and unique wherever it goes, this bike is one to check out.

Head over to Return of the Café Racers to see it for yourself.

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