Face Down the Toughest with the BMW R80 #36 Olivera

NCT Motorcycles out of Austria stripped down a BMW R80 to create their #36 Olivera custom. The BMW R80, produced in Germany from 1980 to 1987, was already a bike known for performance. During its production run, over 500,000 R80s were produced. The bike was the first of BMW’s motorcycles to be specialized as dual-sport bikes. It quickly gained notoriety as the world’s first “Adventure Bike” because of its ability to perform both on and off the road. The R80 came with a flat-twin (boxer) BMW type 247 engine—a 797.5cc beast capable of 50 horsepower and 41 lb-ft of torque—attached to a five speed shaft drive.

bmw r80 36 olivera motorcycle back

NCT took that bike and completely rebuilt it into a scrambler with a sinister attitude. New electronics were combined with Motogadget components. The engine was re-sealed. The frame, which was originally a modified R65 frame, was powder coated. The remaining parts were all repainted. The color combination, a black and olive green, may be subtle, but it gives the bike a “night hunter” type of feeling. It’s a look that you would expect to see a comic book vigilante using—just the right amount of intimidation mixed with rugged good looks. The seat and wheels are both minimalistic, making the bike feel more Spartan than anything else. The short and tall of it is that you will look tough riding this bike.

Check it out

bmw r80 36 olivera motorcycle fuel tank

bmw r80 36 olivera motorcycle headlight

bmw r80 36 olivera motorcycle front wheel

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