Third Wheelin’ – Ocgarage BMW R100 GS Avventura Motorcycle

At Man of Many, we have reviewed two-wheeled and four wheeled machines, so it’s only fair and also orderly (for the OCD), that we review a three-wheeled machine. Introducing the Ocgarage BMW R100 GS Avventura Motorcycle, it is a refurbished sidecar that is built from scratch. It’s super long syllables when saying the product name foreshadows the numerous features on this unique ride.

ocgarage bmw r100 gs avventura motorcycle feature

The engine was completely rebuilt with fresh bearings, seals and gaskets. It was made by Oscar Tasso, an engine enthusiast, thus, the construction and performance is unmatched. The saddle, fuel tank and finish resembles those luxurious vintage looking automobiles. Your lucky passenger will be cocooned within a hardwood carriage and on a lavish leather seat. The footwell is carpeted, and there’s also pockets for your small things. The fact that this is three-wheeled, already showcases its distinctive appeal. But the pure aesthetics of this bike authorises it to stand alone in the automobile department.

ocgarage bmw r100 gs made by oscar tasso