You’ll be amazed when you see the ALPHA: Custom BMW K75

We love crazy motorcycle concepts. Istanbul designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem has quite a collection of off-the-wall futuristic motorcycle concepts. His designs are about as crazy as it gets. That is why we had to check out his latest, the ALPHA: Custom BMW K75.

This motorcycle concept takes futuristic to the extreme. Erdem based the design off of a great white shark. The bodywork was made to look beautiful and powerful at the same time. The front end is smooth while the back end is strong symbolising the tail of the great white shark.

alpha custom bmw k75 motorcycle seat

Erdem formed an unlikely alliance with custom racing builder Mark Atkinson to bring the ALPHA: Custom BMW K75 to life. The old-school machinist and the high-tech motorcycle designer collaborated to create a amazing motorcycle.

alpha custom bmw k75 motorcycle top view

This concept was born from a wrecked BMW K75. Atkinson used his background as a machinist to turn Erdem’s sleek concept into a functioning machine. The 3-cylinder K75 is barely recognisable by the time that it was finished.

alpha custom bmw k75 motorcycle checked

The ALPHA features an elegant rolling chassis that was custom-built to fit inside the aerodynamic design of the bike. From there, each part of the motorcycle was individually custom fit. The bodywork was handmade, and the brakes and shifter were both reworked for this custom design. This bike also features a centre hub pivot, a bellcrank-actuated steering system and a hand-machined aluminium linkage. Of course, a turbo booster was added making this one of the coolest rides ever.

Check it out

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