Travel in Confidence with the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone

Land Rover has increasingly been involved in innovations outside of its traditional automotive space, of late. The Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone is no different.

Exploration is a personal and unique endeavor that individuals must lead themselves. Land Rover wishes to assist that drive and plans to do so through their award winning Outdoor Phone. This phone allows you to explore further, longer, and with improved confidence and security.

More than just a mobile device, find new route, tracks, trails, and so much more by combining the allure of the outdoors with the convenience of your pocket. The Explore is designed to cultivate an adventurous spirit or augment one that already is present. Waterproof, drop-tested, and built to thrive in almost any environment from the tundra to the desert, the Explore will never slow you down and is built to go as far as you want. With an ultra-long battery life, ergonomic design, and sleek design, the Outdoor Phone is the perfect piece of gear for any veteran traveler, or somone who needs the right tool to break onto the scene.

Land Rover has found and explored (pun intended,) the space between technology and the outdoors and found a perfect way to combine the two. No longer do you have to feel bad staring into your phone and telling yourself that tomorrow you’ll leave the apartment. Now, travel the wilderness, mobile device in tow, and know that it will be ready for you when you need it.

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