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An ASMR YouTuber

31 Best ASMR Artists: The Top Channels on Youtube

As it goes with most Internet subcultures, you’re either tuned in to the best ASMR artists (aka ASMRtists) or scratching your head and thinking: what the heck is ASMR? To cover our bases, allow us to briefly explain the concept before we highlight the top ASMR YouTubers and their adjoining channels.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it pertains to the tingling sensation you experience upon receiving specific triggers. Those triggers can be of either the aural (i.e. sound-based) or physical (i.e. touch-based) variety, and the tingling usually starts at your scalp before working its way down your spine. Because YouTube is strictly an audiovisual platform, the best ASMR artists employ repetitive sounds like whispering or scratching when triggering the necessary response. To get you started on your journey, here are the best ASMR artists and their respective YouTube channels.

1. Gibi ASMR

Gibi ASMR, or just Gibi for short, easily delivers some of the best ASMR videos you can find on the Internet. She also engages in role-playing and creates cosplay videos with original characters. It’s no surprise that she’s garnered millions of subscribers, making her one of the foremost asmrtists.

Name: Gibi Klein
Subscribers: 3.23M+
Most popular video: Dark & Relaxing Tapping & Scratching (21m views)
First post: June 27, 2016

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2. Tingting

True to her name, Tingting dispenses with top-notch tingles, one YouTube video at a time. A veritable polymath, she covers everything from cosmetology to hygiene to role-playing and more. As if all that weren’t enough, she’s also a popular Twitch streamer. Meanwhile, a number of her videos incorporate Chinese influences and traditions.

Subscribers: 1.56M+
Most popular video: Sleep Recovery ~ 3 Hours of Hair Treatments (11.2m views)
First post: April 28, 2017

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3. Gentle Whispering

One of the most popular ASMR videos of all time comes to us from Russia’s Maria Viktorovna, better known as GentleWhispering. With 21.9 million views and counting, “Oh such a good 3D-sound ASMR video” continues to turn curious browsers into hardcore enthusiasts. Of course, that’s just one among a number of tingle-inducing experiences provided by this top-shelf ASMRtist.

Name: Maria Viktorovna
Subscribers: 2.04M+
Most popular video: Sleep-inducing Haircut ASMR | Shampoo | Page Flipping | Scissors (28.4m)
First post: June 4, 2011

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4. ASMR Glow

Glow has become a soft-spoken force to be reckoned with. More than one of the best ASMR artists, she’s also an experienced makeup specialist and vlogger, who occasionally dispenses with celebrity-inspired tutorials.

Name: Sharon Dubois
Subscribers: 1.44M+
Most popular video: ASMR Fixing You Whispered Roleplay (Gloves sounds, Face Brushing, Scratching sounds and +) (6.9m views)
First post: October 27, 2016

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5. ASMR Zeitgeist

Always willing to adopt new and experimental methods, Zeitgeist is like a sensory artist and scientist rolled into one. Hoping to convert the non-believers, he released “ASMR for People Who Don’t Get Tingles” two years back. It has since generated over 11 million views and tons of positive feedback, swaying a number of sceptics. If you’re grappling with sleep issues like insomnia, give his YouTube channel a shot.

Name: Michael Richter
Subscribers: 2.05M subscribers
Most popular video: 29 Male ASMRtists (1.5 HOURS!) (15m views)
First post: November 2, 2016

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6. ASMR Darling

A darling indeed, this wildly successful ASMRtist has 2.44 million subscribers and counting. Using anywhere from 20 to 100 triggers within a given time frame, she calmly and effectively lulls you into various states of euphoria. Her most sexy asmr videos have an insane amount of views and you’ll just have to explore her page to find out why.

Name: Taylor Darling
Subscribers: 2.51M subscribers
Most popular video: ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep (36m views)
First post: March 13, 2016

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7. Latte ASMR

Welcome to the world of Latte ASMR, where aural triggers, cosmetics, nurse visits, and hair treatments are all part of the package. Each video is delivered with softspoken friendliness and the utmost sense of calm…as if you’d have the most popular ASMR any other way.

Name: Seul Gi Lee
Subscribers: 1.52M+
Most popular video: School Nurse Lice Check (12m views)
First post: September 10, 2016

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8. WhispersRed

Inspired by GentleWhispering, PTSD survivor Emma Smith assumed the identity of WhispersRed and began to spread the sonic love. A qualified sound therapist and reiki practitioner, she was also the first ASMR artist to perform the practice live in a theatre. Head over to her channel and you’ll soon find yourself in this female ASMR artist expert hands.

Name: Taylor Darling
Subscribers: 947K+
Most popular video: 3.5 HOURS Fabric Sounds NO TALKING (20m views)
First post: July 19, 2013

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9. ASMR KittyKlaw

For some of the sexiest ASMR on YouTube, look no further than this massively popular artist. She goes by the name of ASMR KittyKlaw and brings the audio and visual in equal measure. You’re welcome.

Name: Angelina Lin
Subscribers: 1.91M+
Most popular video: 100 TRIGGERS in 8 minutes (28m views)
First post: September 29, 2016

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10. FrivolousFox ASMR

Australia’s own FrivolousFox delivers big sounds and big smiles to more than 1.3 million fans. Her best-known YouTube videos feature plenty of mouth play, including kissing, nibbling, and eating. She also performs ASMR on Twitch under the name FrivviFox.

Name: Lauren
Subscribers: 1.63M+
Most popular video: ASMR Ear Licking ~ Extreme Mouth Sounds for Tingle Immunity (22m views)
First post: May 4, 2016

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11. Goodnight Moon

Fall under the spell of Goodnight Moon and her Babblebrook Series, during which she takes on the role of witches, mermaids, and other fantastic figures. Her normal feed plays it straighter and features everything from traditional ASMR videos to personal vlogs to unboxing videos and more.

Name: Erin Timony
Subscribers: 800K+
Most popular video: Dragon Egg Shopping at Maybell’s Menagerie (ASMR) (5.2m views)
First post: January 21, 2017

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Hailing from Korea, this top ASMR artist employs multiple languages and never shows her entire face within a single frame. She kicked off her YouTube channel as a talented gamer, who provided walkthroughs for games like Bioshock, To the Moon, and more. Now she does both gaming and ASMR on separate channels and platforms, thereby catering to a healthy spectrum of avid fans.

Subscribers: 2.43M+
Most popular video: ASMR Realistic! 10 Scalp Massage & Hair Brushing (No Talking) (13m views)
First post: February 15, 2015

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13. Pelagea

For more of YouTube’s sexy ASMR, allow us to introduce Pelagea. Between her seductive mouth sounds, sensual poses, and titillating collaborations, you might find her channel a little too stimulating. On the other hand, that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Name: Pelagea Porfirovna
Subscribers: 996K+
Most popular video: KISSING | MOUTH SOUNDS | Brush on MICROPHONE TAPPING (20m views)
First post: September 24, 2015

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14. Ephemeral Rift

Taking the concept of ASMR to fantastic extremes, Ephemeral Rift has cultivated an entire YouTube world unto himself. Over on his channel, you’ll find everything from relaxing nature scenes to full-blown storylines ripped straight out of popular fiction. This top ASMR artist also dispenses with plenty of comic relief, making his content all the more inviting.

Name: Paul
Subscribers: 969K+
Most popular video: Sleep for the Sleepless (13m views)
First post: November 10, 2011

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15. Ozley ASMR

With just over 171k subscribers, the lovely Ozley is what we might call a genuine up-and-comer. When not singing or humming in perfect key, this ASMRtist uses everything from barbershop tools to cupped whispers to induce all sorts of quality tingles.

Subscribers: 171K+
Most popular video: Humming & Singing (very relaxing) (581K views)
First post: November 1, 2018

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16. Karuna Satori ASMR

Karuna is a Buddhist term describing the universal compassion of a Bodhisattva. Satori is Zen for “sudden enlightenment.” Put them together and you get one of the best ASMR artists in the game, who takes on various roles while sending you straight to aural heaven.

Name: Sarah Toth
Subscribers: 1.15M+
Most popular video: Mommy Cleans Your Ears RP (7.1m views)
First post: March 26, 2014

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17. RaffyTaphyASMR

With a name like RaffyTaphy, you can expect a certain tier of playfulness from this popular YouTube channel. His super-fast tapping skills are the stuff of legend, as is his assortment of relaxing sounds. Show him some love and you’ll get some right back.

Name: Rafael
Subscribers: 809K+
Most popular video: Tapping (22m views)
First post: October 18, 2015

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18. Jojo’s ASMR

His name is Jonah but you know him best as Jojo’s ASMR, who first picked up the practice as a means of obtaining some much-needed sleep. With his soothing voice, deft piano skills, occasional impersonations, nifty card tricks, and various ASMR techniques, he’ll make sure you get your snooze on.

Name: Jonah
Subscribers: 1.64M+
Most popular video: Extremely Tingly (4K) (8.1m views)
First post: December 26, 2016

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19. MassageASMR

Just one look at the name MassageASMR and we’re already feeling more relaxed. Thankfully, his YouTube channel doesn’t disappoint, featuring massage videos alongside traditional ASMR experiences and role-play examinations. You will get triggered…but in a good way.

Name: Dmitri
Subscribers: 882K+
Most popular video: 10 Hours of Tapping, Crinkle & Trigger Sounds – No Talking Just Sounds (27m views)
First post: December 10, 2012

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20. gracie K

Should you become one of Gracie K’s “flower children,” you’ll be joining over a million fellow subscribers, who can’t get enough of her warm smile and whispery voice. From makeup role-play to various tap exercises to a bevy of other tingle-inducing triggers, it’s all here and it’s all wonderful.

Subscribers: 1.48M+
Most popular video: Plucking & Brushing Away Negative Energy (6.2M)
First post: December 29, 2017

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21. fastASMR

We want our ASMR and we want it fast! Up to the task is this inventive ASMRtist, whose channel features tapping, whispering, hand sounds, makeup, toys, and more. She welcomes experts and newbies alike, so hop on board and prepare to relax.

Subscribers: 584K+
Most popular video: ASMR for People Who Don’t Get Tingles (4m views)
First post: December 29, 2017

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22. ASMRrequests

This YouTube channel kicked off seven years ago, with over 130 million views to show for it. It comes to us from Ally Maque, who ask you can probably guess is happy to take requests. She’s also a major fan of virtual reality and its obvious ASMR potential. Sadly, it looks like her channel is inactive.

Name: Ally Maque
Subscribers: 498K+
Most popular video: An Esthetician Visit – Binaural Role Play – Face Massage, Water Sounds, Soft Speaking (5.6m views)
First post: November 20, 2012

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23. softlygaloshes ASMR

Rebekah Smith—aka Softlygaloshes—was struggling with anxiety and depression before she made her first ASMR video in 2012. As one of YouTube’s best ASMR artists, she uses her personal background as a springboard for ongoing success. Step into her world and tackle your own struggles by way of her friendly disposition and expert technique.

Name: Rebekah Smith
Subscribers: 415K+
Most popular video: Flirty Variety Pack (sk/kiss, inaudible, l/r/t, Spanish, etc.) (2m views)
First post: June 6, 2012

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24. Dr. T ASMR

As someone who’s experienced ASMR as far back as he can remember, Dr. T is all too eager to share the sensations. For him, that often means using just about every resource he can muster. If one video doesn’t work for you, another surely will, giving you no reason to leave his channel.

Name: Rupert J. Tinglebottom
Subscribers: 456K+
Most popular video: How To ASMR (5.2m views)
First post: March 23, 2016

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25. ASMRSurge

Culling from a full swath of potential triggers, ASMRSurge won’t rest until you feel the tingles shooting down your spine. In fact, one of his most popular videos is an ASMR “All In One,” which helps you discover your exact trigger. Is it the sound of leaves crunching? Or maybe wood kindling? Hit up this channel to find out.

Subscribers: 790K+
Most popular video: Soap carving (22m views)
First post: September 25, 2012

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26. Heather Feather ASMR

Her name is Heather, her voice is light as a feather, and she’s one of the best ASMR artists on YouTube. On her channel, you’ll come across role-plays, cranial exams, assorted triggers, guided meditations, and more. Along with ASMRrequests and GentleWhispering, Heather Feather is one of the artists behind PixelWhipt, where ASMR and virtual reality collide.

Name: Heather Smith
Subscribers: 530K+
Most popular video: Ultimate Head and Scalp Massage Role Play: Realistic Binaural Sounds For Relaxation (5.2m views)
First post: September 20, 2012

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27. ASMR Bakery

Revealing only part of her face, ASMR Bakery lets the triggers do virtually all of the talking on her YouTube channel. Whether she’s tapping, scratching, tracing, ear cleaning, crinkling, or brushing, it will induce waves of euphoria and help you fall asleep. Not sure which trigger is the one for you? Watch her mega-popular three-hour video of 100 triggers to find out.

Subscribers: 1.73 Million+
Most popular video: Best Triggers for Sleep 3Hr (No Talking) (13m views)
First post: February 8, 2018

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28. PJ Dreams ASMR

Thanks to the wonders of ASMR, PJ Dreams is a dream come true for all the tingle-seekers out there. In his own playful way, this Canadian YouTuber relays choice sounds to over 487k subscribers. He’s also well-known for playing the role of a doctor in numerous videos.

Subscribers: 576K+
Most popular video: ASMR for people who want tingles (2.2m views)
First post: June 10, 2016

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29. Fabled Fawn ASMR

Since 2016, Fabled Fawn has been churning out a steady flow of quality ASMR videos on YouTube. Each one features her infectious smile and distinct voice, both of which are guaranteed to please. Enter her domain to get blissed out in no time at all.

Subscribers: 142.9K+
First post: December 29, 2016

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30. TirarADeguello

Every video tells a story and that rings especially true when this top ASMRtist is at the helm. Adopting various personas, he strikes an impeccable balance between role-playing and traditional ASMR techniques.

Subscribers: 252K+
Most popular video: Reiki Eternal Time Loop of Hand Movements (2m views)
First post: September 4, 2014

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31. ASMRTheChew

It might come as a surprise to some, but the sound of chewing and eating can deliver a serious case of tingles. That’s helped make this popular YouTuber one of the best ASMR artists in the game, who leaves no bite behind. She also dispenses with beauty tips and hairstyle pointers to her hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Name: Spirit Payton
Subscribers: 833K+
Most popular video: Pickle Eating Sounds/BIG Crunch/Intense | Spirit Payton (35m views)
First post: November 2, 2015

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Your FAQs Answered

How much does an ASMR YouTuber make?

The amount of money an ASMR YouTuber makes will vary from one artist to the next. It's been reported that top ASMR star GentleWhispering makes up to $130,000 a year, while most others make far less.

What are the best ASMR videos?

Some of the best ASMR videos are as follows: Oh such a good 3D-sound ASMR by GentleWhispering, ASMR Binaural Guided and Progressive Relaxation/Meditation for Tingles, Anxiety Relief, and Sleep by Heather Feather, Ep. 1: Departure by ASMRrequests, and ASMR 100 Triggers to Find Your Tingle 3 Hr by ASMR Bakery.

How many Asmr channels are there on YouTube?

Given their massive surge in popularity, ASMR videos are tallying up at a breakneck pace. In fact, it's been reported that there are currently over 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube alone.

What does Asmr mean on YouTube?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it refers to a tingling sensation that results from specific triggers. Various YouTubers use aural triggers to induce this tingling sensation and also help listeners fall asleep.

Is Asmr unhealthy?

Presuming one doesn't go overboard in his or her addiction, ASMR is not unhealthy. In fact, it's far safer than some alternatives, including drugs and alcohol.

Is Asmr weird?

ASMR might seem or even feel weird to the less experienced, but that doesn't make it a weird practice. On the contrary, ASMR has been shown to yield consistent results, inducing tingles and even helping with sleep.

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