ASUS ROG Gaming Laptops Receive BMW Design Treatment

ASUS ROG gaming laptops are already impressive. To ensure its latest and future hardware truly stands out, the tech brand is taking style advice from BMW Designworks.

The new ROG Strix Scar III and Hero III eSports laptops are the first to incorporate elements of the “Face Off” concept. It’s got nothing to do with that 90’s Cage/Travolta action flick. Instead, Face Off leverages the expertise of BMW to apply automotive principals to the surface of both devices. The concept aims to strike a balance between premium aesthetics and more dynamic gaming experiences.

ASUS ROG designers are fans of the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 motorcycle concept. The team appreciated the bike’s flowing form and wanted to bring the same feel to the laptops.

BMW vision motorcycle concept

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 motorcycle concept

So raised ridges were added. They can be seen racing across the chassis, providing the hardware with additional ventilation. The Strix SCAR III features the signature ROG Keystone – a small attachment that docks with the laptops, saving personalised profiles and systems settings. There’s also a new wraparound light bar glowing under the front and side edges of the chassis, extending illumination into the environment and complementing the backlit ROG logo on the lid.

The ROG Strix SCAR III and Hero III gaming laptops are expected to release by mid-2019. ASUS and BMW Designworks are already working on other collaborations including the sleek, futuristic full-fledged Face Off Laptop.

The design elements of this concept draw the eye across three levels, each with a different focus, going from the streamlined silhouette to surface sculpture and then finer details. ROG laptops typically stick to darker tones, although the concept wears a silver coat tinted jade green. BMW Designworks chose the unique colour to align with future design trends.

motorcycle inspired gaming laptop concept

ASUS ROG Face Off Gaming Laptop Concept

The sleek exterior has an aggressive profile framed by futuristic lines, while retaining familiar ROG hallmarks, like the offset slash and ROG logo emblazoned on the lid. The distinctive cut contrasts polished and matte surfaces leading the ROG aesthetic in a bold new direction.

Progressive gills sweep across the back of the chassis and flank the sides of the keyboard. The gentle curves balance the laptop’s harder edges and instantly draw attention while providing functional ventilation. LEDs below generate a customisable glow that illuminates the raised ridges from within. Additional interior lighting proudly highlights the motherboard, fans, and other components visible through the smoked X-ray panel above the keyboard.

The WASD cluster and left side of the space bar are covered by smooth metal skin that makes critical gaming controls immediately recognisable by touch alone. Desiring a more physical interaction, the power switch trades a traditional button for a spring-loaded setup inspired by bolt-action mechanisms. Pulling the trigger powers on the system and activates an accompanying lighting effect that amplifies the awakening.

Face Off Concept Metal Lid

The RGB lighting glows pure white while in work mode, illuminating the entire laptop then fading to just the keyboard. In gaming mode, the lighting glows defiantly red. The two profiles will enable gamers to blend into the daily work environment before shifting to a striking gaming setup when appropriate.

While the advanced and futuristic capabilities of ROG Face Off aren’t readily available now, ROG engineers and BMW Designworks are working to make them a reality in the near future.

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motorcycle inspired gaming laptop concept