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Stunning Sapphires and Dazzling Diamonds: Kavalri is Your Must-Visit Engagement Ring Destination

In Partnership with Kavalri

Could 2024 be the year you pop the question? It’s an exciting step, but can be a daunting one too. If you want to maximise your chances of receiving a big, enthusiastic “Yes!” in response to your proposal, you definitely need to make sure you have the real deal tucked away in your little jewellery box. Because when it comes to engagements, there are rings and there are rings, and even if you can’t tell the difference between them, we guarantee your special someone can.

To put it simply, nobody wants a piece of finger bling that looks the same as everyone else’s, which is why Kavalri’s customised ring service has proved such a valuable resource for numerous couples over the years. Now, Kavalri has launched a new sapphire portal that opens customers to an even broader range of possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring.

Kavalri 1
Diamond Engagement Rings | Image: Kavalri

The platform presents in the same vein as its diamond portal, which showcases thousands of natural and lab-grown diamonds through high-definition 360-degree videos, allowing you to select from hundreds of unique world-class ring designs. The new dedicated sapphire portal offers a similar level of choice and customisation to create something that is just as unique as your someone special.

Not only that, Kavalri offers a white-glove gemstone service that sees it sourcing stunning gemstones via an extensive network of small-scale and artisanal miners from across the world in order to meet your exact requirements.

Kavalri 8
Noelle 3.26CT Madagascar Sapphire Engagement Ring | Image: Kavalri

So whether you enjoy the sophistication of sapphires, the sparkle of natural or lab-grown diamonds or you’re looking for a ring that combines the power of both to stunning effect, the ring masters at Kavalri have you covered. To help you get started, we’ve selected a few of our favourite picks from Kavalri’s current sapphire and diamond ring offering, so if you’re looking for a little inspiration, read on to discover an engagement ring that’s just right for you.

Kavalri 2
Charlotte Oval 2.1-Carat Madagascan Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring | Image: Kavalri

Charlotte Oval 2.1-Carat Madagascan Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

Perfect if you’re searching for something that’s timelessly elegant and yet a little left of centre, this beautiful ring setting features a 2.1-carat Madagascan-certified teal sapphire set in an 18-carat yellow gold solitaire band. The rich colour of the stone dances and evolves as the light moves through and around it, causing a dynamic effect that’s irresistible to the eye and subtly hypnotic. 

Noelle Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting | Video: Kavalri

Noelle Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

As spectacular as sapphires are, sometimes you just can’t beat a classic diamond engagement ring. Fortunately, the team at Kavalri are diamond artists par excellence. This beautiful setting features a hidden diamond halo and classic solitaire band and it’s just waiting for you to select the perfect oval stone to make it complete. An absolutely timeless design that epitomises understated elegance. 

Kavalri 5
Lara Toi et Moi Emerald 3-Carat Ceylon Sapphire and Lab Diamond Ring | Image: Kavalri

Lara Toi et Moi Emerald 3-Carat Ceylon Sapphire and Lab Diamond Ring

This design is as beautiful as it is slightly unconventional. Set in 14-carat yellow gold, this ring features a Sri Lankan Ceylon blue emerald cut sapphire alongside a lab-grown pear diamond, and to our eyes, this combination of two remarkable stones set side by side is as perfect a representation of a couple about to embark on the next phase of their journey together as you’re likely to find. 

Kavalri 6
Willow Teal Pear Sapphire Engagement Ring | Image: Kavalri

Willow Teal Pear Sapphire Engagement Ring

Another teal sapphire masterpiece, this ring features an immaculate oval gemstone, flanked by lab-grown side diamonds, with the whole glorious offering set in a ring constructed from 14-carat yellow gold. There’s something undeniable about the timelessness of this design, and yet we can’t help feeling it’s a wonderfully refreshing departure from the kind of rings that seem to have become the go-to for many couples.

Blair Oval 2.02ct Madagascan Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring | Video: Kavalri

No matter what you’re looking for, Kavalri’s talented team can be counted on to make precisely what you’re after, with custom rings taking approximately five weeks to complete. To start exploring the incredible breadth of Kavalri’s range, simply click through the link below, or visit one of the brand’s showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, or the recently opened Perth location. Whatever you’re looking for, you really should seek out a little advice from Kavalri’s helpful experts, because if you like it, you really should put a ring on it.