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Best Suits for Men: Styles, Types, How to Wear, and More

Every man needs a great suit and our guide below will show you the best suit styles, types, and how to wear them. Like a handsome two-piece, our assortment of suiting guides has you covered, touching down on the best men’s suits in various colours, fabrics, and more. Gearing up for a big wedding? There’s a section for that. Or maybe you’re looking for the finest tailors in Australia. There’s a section for that, too.

Use these essential pointers to keep pace with the latest suiting trends or curate a personal wardrobe of your own, the kind that reflects your unique identity. Let’s get into it!

Types of suits example
Suits come in a range of styles, fabrics, and cuts. Check out this double-breasted, linen, cream suit for example | Image: Hawes & Curtis

Best Suits for Men by Type

Just as there are all kinds of different body types, personalities, and occasions, there’s usually a proper suit to match. But what type of suit is the question? The answer boils down to a number of variables and we’ve considered them all by presenting the best and most common types of men’s suits. As you may soon discover, subtle variations can go a very long way.

Our dress-code guides:

Types of Suits

The modern world of men’s suits is gloriously diverse, to the point that one can quickly feel overwhelmed. As if choosing between various fits (slim fit, classic fit, etc.) wasn’t enough, there are a slew of other factors to consider, such as the type of button column, vents, pants, and more. Brush up on your definitions and peruse your options in our adjoining guide to the best types of men’s suits below.

Classic black suit charles tyrwhitt
Ultimately, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic black suit | Image: Charles Tyrwhitt

Best Suits for Men by Colour

What, you thought maketh-ing the man would be easy?! On the contrary, dear friend, you still have to wade your way through assorted suit colours. Given the fact that colour tends to render the foremost impression on others, one could argue that this is the most important category of them all. It’s also a category that’s more nuanced and comprehensive than one might think, whereas each suit colour can mean so much more than first meets the eye. Traditional black suits pretty much speak for themselves so here are some contemporary alternatives.

Grey guits for men
Mid-grey suits carry an aura of serious business while light grey injects a degree of approachability or playfulness | Image: Brent Wilson

Grey Suits

The best grey suits for men are quite versatile in their ability to accommodate a wide swath of dress codes, colour combinations, and environments. Of course, not all shades of grey generate the same type of mood or impression. Charcoal grey, for example, carries an aura of serious business while light grey injects a degree of approachability or even playfulness. You’ll find a comprehensive breakdown along with suggested dress combinations in our adjoining guide below.

Grey Suit Quick Tips:

  • A black tie and shoes will instantly make a grey suit more formal.
  • Don’t shy away from a splash of colour, especially during the day.
  • Grey can easily be dressed up for the boardroom, or down for cocktails.
Blue suits for men
You can wear a blue suit all year round, a versatile option for any man’s wardrobe | Image: Anthony Squires

Blue Suits

Similar to grey, the best blue suits for men offer effortless versatility and render different impressions when presented in different shades. They also impart a sense of unique visual flair without veering too far outside the box, as if to say, “I’m a professional, but I’m also an individual.” The best thing about blue suits is that you can wear them all year round…presuming you choose the right one, naturally. Our separate guide below has you covered.

Blue Suit Quick Tips:

  • Pastels are a great way to enhance the blue of the suit.
  • A white shirt and patterned tie can make all the difference.
  • Black, brown or tan shoes all work with a blue suit.
Best charcoal suits for men
Charcoal suits will always attract eye-balls for their modern approach to style | Image: Benjamin Barker

Charcoal Suits

A sub-category of grey, charcoal suits tend to draw eyeballs as if by gravitational force. You can find them in modern office settings as well as both semi-formal and formal events (though they aren’t appropriate for black tie). If you decide to go with a pattern, keep it simple. Here’s another pointer: don’t wear light charcoal suits at night. You’ll find more advice and breakdowns in our guide to charcoal suits for men below.

Charcoal Suit Quick Tips:

  • Dress it up with a bow tie and black shoes for more formal events.
  • Wear an open collar and jeans for a smart casual weekend look.
  • Muted tones or charcoal accessories complete a corporate black suit look.
Best brown suit
The brown suit is a bold choice and best worn by a true master of one’s sartorial domain | Image: Hawes & Curtis

Brown Suits

Contemporary dress codes and workplaces are more receptive to personal expression than ever before, hence the proliferation of the men’s brown suit. A bold choice, this suit colour is best worn by a true master of one’s sartorial domain. If you’re venturing into this territory, consider starting with dark brown suits and working your way into lighter shades as you become more confident with your sense of style. Actually, before you do anything, brush up by reading our separate guide below.

Travel suit
Sometimes called ‘miracle suits’ these wrinkle-free options are great for travelling | Image: Bluffworks

Best Suits for Men by Occasion

Being a grown-up means putting on your big boy pants and going out every now and then, whether it be to a club, restaurant, destination wedding, office party, or other event. Naturally, you’ll need a diverse wardrobe full of different suits for different dress codes and occasions. As it just so happens, we happen to have some guides for that very sort of thing right here.

Travel Suits

A working businessman is often a nomad in that he’s constantly travelling to destinations both near and far. Accordingly, there are certain suits that keep better pace with a life on the go than others. In our separate guide, we break down seven of the best men’s suits that retain their structure during travel and look downright sharp no matter what the environment.

Wedding Suits

How to choose a wedding suit is a quandary that seems practically as old as the marriage tradition. Such a thing is especially true in this day and age, where one tends to have more freedom when dressing for a special occasion. However, with more freedom comes more choice and for many of us, that represents a burden. Allow us to lift some weight off your shoulders in our adjoining guide, which tackles the men’s wedding suit from every conceivable angle.

How to buy the right suit
We go beyond type, colour, and style to address more nuanced subjects such as tailoring, fabric, and thread count | Image: M.J. Bale

How to Buy the Right Suit

You found a terrific suit for a terrific price but is it the right suit? We go beyond type, colour, and style to address more nuanced subjects such as tailoring, fabric, and thread count. The more you know, the better off you’ll be when buying your next man’s suit because plenty of men make mistakes when buying a new suit. Our guides below will prevent this from happening to you.

How to Buy a Tailored Suit

Nothing says you’re a man of taste and sophistication quite like a finely tailored suit. That’s not to mention the heightened experience only a perfect fit can provide, right down to the most subtle detail. A tailored suit is the right suit but you should definitely know before you go. “Know what?” you might ask. Check out our relevant guide to find out. We’ll have you made to measure in no time.

Guide to Suit Fabric and Thread Count

As if finding a great tailor wasn’t difficult enough, once you do so there’s a rather complicated system of fabrics and thread counts to navigate. One thing to consider is that certain fabrics better accommodate certain seasons or occasions. And what do those thread count numbers mean again? We answer all your questions—including the ones you didn’t even think to ask—in our guide to suit fabric and thread count.

How to wear a suit properly
We’ve covered everything to consider before rocking different types of suits on different occasions | Image: Alterations Express

How to Properly Wear a Suit

We’re not here to dress you but we can offer some advice that will help you dress yourself. After all, you don’t want to throw down your hard-earned money for a premium suit just to wear it incorrectly. And while we’re fairly certain you’ll have the basics covered by this stage, there are still some extra pointers to consider when rocking different types of suits on different occasions.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Wear a Lounge Suit

A vague concept perhaps, but the lounge suit is alive and well. And what is a lounge suit, exactly? Well, it’s basically a stylish and modern but also comfortable suit that you likely have in your wardrobe already (even if you didn’t realise it). Our separate guide dives into the history of the men’s lounge suit before dispensing with essential pointers.

How to Wear a Linen Suit

Effortlessly cool in both the literal and figurative sense, linen suits make for a stylish option during warmer months. Don’t be afraid to mix up the colours, combine your suit with other fabrics, or accessorise. Footwear is important but socks are optional? We cover all these topics and more in our guide on how to wear a linen suit.

How to Wear a Suit in Summer

Summer means hot weather in most parts of the world and one will want to dress accordingly. This is a good time to keep your wool suit on the hanger and sport a trusty cotton or linen suit instead. It’s also a good season to wear lighter colours when attending daytime events.

How to Wear Sneakers With a Suit

The very idea of sneakers and a suit might make your grandpa scoff, but it’s a new world out there with new dress codes. Of course, you can’t just throw on any old pair of kicks and expect it to work. Use our guide to discover some of the best sneakers to wear with a suit. Of course, loafers are always the top-choice when you’re wearing a suit these days, or the classic dress shoe.

Best suit tailors in australia
We’ve scoured every major city in Australia in search of the best local tailors and bespoke suit shops | Image: Houndstooth Tailors

Best Suit Tailors in Australia

Our team here at Man of Many is chock full of stylish gents and they’ve scoured every major city in Australia in search of the best local tailors and bespoke suit shops. Put yourself in the capable hands of a master and prepare to feel like a million bucks no matter how much is in your bank account.

Suit Tailors in Sydney

One of the most vital cities in the world, Sydney is bursting at the seams (pun intended) with quality tailors and suit shops. Popular destinations include The Bespoke Corner, Oscar Hunt, Brent Wilson, Joe Button, and M.J. Bale, to name just a few. You’ll find those places and more on our list of the best suit tailors in Sydney. Be sure to check out our guide to the best suit hires in Sydney as well.

Suit Tailors in Melbourne

Like Sydney, Melbourne is a thriving hub for suit shops and tailors. Step into the respective realms of places like M.J. Bale and Joe Black for a premium made-to-measure experience. Or head over to Germanicos for a bespoke suit like no other. You’ll find plenty of additional names in our adjoining guide to the best suit tailors in Melbourne.

Suit Tailors in Brisbane

Brisbane is another Australian city where you can find bespoke suiting and world-class tailors. Shops like Mitchell Ogilvie feature some of the best designer labels with luxurious service to match, while The Cloakroom imparts pure European sophistication. You’ll find those names and more on our list of the best tailors and suit shops in Brisbane.

Suit Tailors in Perth

Perth isn’t exactly overflowing with suit shops when compared to places like Sydney and Melbourne, but the city still puts plenty of quality options at your disposal. Germanicos has a branch here and Calibre has two, for example.

Suit Tailors in Adelaide

Does South Australia’s coastal capital have its own fair share of luxurious suit shops and skilled tailors? You bet it does. Pop in for a fitting and maybe follow that with a stylish haircut at one of the city’s best barber shops.

Suiting FAQs

What suits should every man own?

Every man should own a classic black suit, a blue suit and a grey suit.

How should I style a suit?

Suits can be enhanced by pastels or worn with a white shirt and patterned tie. Black, brown, or tan shoes all work with a blue suit, but you’ll have to be more selective with darker colours.