Alfa Romeo X Hawes & Curtis Launch ‘All-Weather’ High-Performance Concept Suit

Alfa Romeo has partnered with British tailor Hawes & Curtis to produce its first all-weather suit, the perfect complement to your luxury Italian sports car.

The inspiration for the high-performance suit stemmed from Alfas’ Giulietta model and its unique D.N.A driving mode selector, which allows drivers to seamlessly adapt the car’s driving capability to handle all weather conditions. Just like the Giulietta, the Hawes & Curtis tailored suit is the perfect solution to a UK heat wave (HA!) or rainy day.

men walking on road wearing hawes and curtis suit

This fashion-forward suit strikes the perfect balance between innovation and fashion. Designed to meet the needs of the modern professional, the suit begins with luxurious Italian wool taken from Hawes & Curtis’ 1913 premium collection then combined with a water resistant finish that’s applied to the fabric itself.

men wearing hawes and curtis suit sitting car

Inside the suit, you will find the delicate, distinctive inclusion of the Giulietta’s design features such as honeycomb grille mesh lining, a bespoke print on the sleeve lining and the stylish red contrast stitching. It’s the mesh lining that regulates the warmth of the body. Completing the high-end, look is an array of essential Giulietta accessories all complete with Alfa Romeo’s iconic logo: tie, pocket square, cufflinks, lapel pin and tie slide.

The women’s shirt seen in the images features the fluid lines of the car echoed in the soft curvatures on the collar and bib. The characteristic red highlights along the bumper and interior upholstery were also reflected in the contrast stitching on the bib, the trim inside the collar and the metallic buttons.

The Alfa Romeo and Hawes & Curtis all-weather concept suits are limited edition and as a further homage to the Giulietta may roll out the doors at top speeds of 195km per hour.

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 hawes and curtis suit open all button

 stylish men wearing hawes and curtis suit with women

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