Mr. Porter is having a 70% Flash Sale Now! Ends Tonight

Yep, you read that right. Our friends over at Mr. Porter are having a huge 70% off sale and we’ve got the keys. There’s no doubt that Mr. Porter is the men’s style destination for online shoppers. With products for every occasion and more luxury brands than you can poke a stick at, Mr. Porter is a sure fire way of spending your paycheck a little faster than you intended. This sale ends tonight so, quick sticks.

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We also thought we’d help you make the most of the sale and pick out a few of our favorites.

Missoni – Mid-Length Swim Shorts

Despite their quirky and eccentric designs, Missoni is a high-end Italian fashion brand that has never demanded attention. Part of the appeal of wearing any of their exquisite garments comes with the quiet admiration from anyone who knows and respects the brand. An exclusive club – if you know, you know. You’d be hard pressed to find any Missoni duds that retail for less than $200, even the socks come in around $80 odd dollarydoos. So with that in mind, we recommend you dive right in and buy yourself a ticket to ride with these snazzy swim shorts.

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Mulberry – Clipper Leather Holdall

I good bag is something you can treasure for many years. But there are a few requirements of a good bag and ticking all the boxes isn’t as easy as it sounds. It must be leather for durability and because… well because it’s f*cking leather, it must be big enough to hold all your stuff, be stylish and finally it mustn’t come with wheels. God didn’t give you arms so that you could drag your possessions around an airport like a dog on a leash. This Mulberry, Clipper Leather Holdall ticks all the boxes and looks bloody good while doing it.

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YMC – Shearling Jacket

In every man’s wardrobe, there should be five different types of coats. A dinner jacket, a suit jacket, a sports coat, a trench coat, and a shearling jacket. The beauty of a shearling jacket is its versatility. With origins in WW2 fighters pilots, these jackets are quite literally ready for war… But, we’d probably be more likely to just wear them to the football on a chilly winters night. It’s uncommon to find a shearling jacket on the right side of $1,000, so, when a gem like this turns up it’s wise not to sleep on it.

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I could go on for hours, but the more I look the less likely it is I’ll be able to pay my rent this week. Happy shopping kiddos. Treat yourself.