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GIVEAWAY! WIN Your Height in Beer Worth Up to $499!

There’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold one and settling into the ass-groove you’ve been cultivating on the couch for the past few years. Unless, of course, that cheeky little scenario didn’t cost you a dime. To help make your Saturday arvo just that little bit more special, we’ve teamed up with Bloke Vote, the research panel committed to all things bloke, to give one lucky reader the chance to win their height in beer. True brew.


Australia’s only dedicated youth male research panel, Bloke Vote is responsible for diving deep into the trends, behaviour and big issues concerning those in the Trade, DIY, Auto and other ‘Bloke’ related industries. But they can’t do it alone, and that’s where you come in.

The research panel relies on Aussie legends like yourself to provide valuable information and perspective on some serious (and not-so-serious) topics, from which big rig is the best-looking ute in the car park to how often you plan on cycling to work. Best of all, the research business will pay you for your time and responses, lightening the load and giving you a bit of extra gift card spending money in the back pocket.

To help sweeten the deal, we’ve partnered with the Aussie research organisation to give away a hefty little prize pack. Each person who fills out the form below and follows the instructions will go in the running to win their height in Furphy beer, and for those wondering just how much that really is, we’ve got you covered. The average Aussie bloke stands at 177cm tall, while a basic case of Furphys measures in at around 19cm high. A quick math check shows that a stock-standard Australian male would be in-line to score around nine cases of beer, all for simply filling out their details and answering a few questions. Too easy, cobber.

To go in the running to win your height in beer, courtesy of Man of Many and Bloke Vote, you simply need to fill out the form below and follow the instructions. Good luck and best wishes, champions.

WIN! Your Height in Beer Worth Up to $499!


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