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best cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges in australia

12 Best Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Exchanges in Australia

Discover the top 12 cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, catering to both seasoned traders and newcomers alike. While Bitcoin remains the most recognized name, there are over a thousand diverse cryptocurrencies available. As Australians increasingly embrace this digital frontier, the demand for reliable, user-friendly platforms to buy, trade, and sell crypto grows. Wondering what an exchange is? Simply put, it’s your gateway to the cryptocurrency market, designed for both ease of use and security. However, it’s vital to stay informed about potential security threats, like hacks, and the importance of secure bitcoin wallets – topics we touch upon below. Dive in to uncover the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia.

The Best Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Exchanges in Australia

Now that you’re aware of the basics, here’s a list of the best crypto and bitcoin exchanges in Australia. Before signing up for any of them, don’t forget to look into things like accepted payment methods, ID verification procedures, and whether they offer their own wallets. Of course, we’ll try to include those details as well. Here we go:

buy and sell digital currency

1. Coinbase

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether

A hugely popular destination for speculators worldwide, Coinbase keeps things beautifully accessible. The site allows you to make purchases using your credit card, provides legible tracking of both your account information and the market itself, and includes its own built-in wallet. Buying and selling bitcoin doesn’t get much simpler than this, though there are some notable fees behind all that convenience.

Year started: 2012
Founder: Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam
Headquarters location: San Francisco, California, United States
Users to date: 43 million verified users

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coin spot accepted

2. CoinSpot

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ether, NEM, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, IOTA, Golem, etc…

In addition to bitcoin, CoinSpot delivers access to over 60 cryptocurrencies. That, plus a user-friendly layout, makes it very desirable among investors and traders. Expect a slightly more laborious verification process than you might find on other sites, and a 1% fee on transactions. Also, CoinSpot accepts AUD and allows you pay using BPAY among other methods.

Year started: 2013
Founder: Russell Wilson
Headquarters location: Melbourne, Victoria, AU 3000

btc market view

3. BTC Markets

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, Ethereum Classic and Ripple

BTC Markets keeps things simple and straightforward, making it a terrific exchange for those who just want to buy some bitcoin and be done with it. Massively popular in Australia, the exchange accepts AUD and allows you to pay through BPAY and POLi as well as other methods.

Year started: 2013
Founder: Martin Bajalan
Headquarters location: 70 / 278 Church St Richmond, VIC, Australia 3121
Users to date: over 270,000

binance exchange the world

4. Binance

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ether, NEM, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, IOTA, etc…

Home to a substantial range of cryptocurrencies, Binance has become one of the most popular exchanges on the planet (with over 6 million users) in almost no time at all. While you can’t exchange fiat currencies here, you are able to invest in and trade a slew of altcoins, and even purchase the site’s own Binance Coin. If you’re the type of person who thinks that some exchanges might vanish over time, then stick with Binance because it’s not going anywhere.

Year started: 2017
Founder: Changpeng Zhao
Headquarters location: Malta

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shapeshift website review

5. ShapeShift

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether, Golem, Litecoin, Monero and Ripple, etc…

Most exchanges will allow you to use your credit card or bank account to pay for crypto, but not ShapeShift. The exchange requires you to buy and sell bitcoin and a range of altcoins using the crypto you already own. It might sound odd at first, until you realise that along with that protocol comes a genuine lack of hassle, reduced fees and an extra tier of privacy. That is, you don’t need to undergo an ID process to trade–you basically just need a wallet address. Most people use it to exchange bitcoin for ether.

Year started: 2014
Founder: Erik Voorhees
Headquarters location: Switzerland

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bitfinex the largest platform

6. Bitfinex

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether, Golem, Litecoin, Monero, Iota, Ripple, etc…

As a popular resource for all the crypto pros out there, Bitfinex takes a comprehensive approach toward finance. In other words, if you don’t have some sort of business degree or the willingness to decipher complex readouts, you’re better off sticking with one of the simpler exchanges. And if the name Bitfinex sounds familiar, you might remember it as the exchange that was hacked last year, causing $72 million worth of bitcoin to disappear.

Year started: 2012
Headquarters location: Hong Kong

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coinmama buy bitcoin

7. CoinMama

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Ether

CoinMama offers what might be called a niche service. Specifically, it allows you to purchase small amounts of bitcoin and ether using a credit or debit card, and doesn’t require ID verification. The fees are somewhat higher than other exchanges, and the security somewhat lower. Feel free to use the exchange, but definitely move that crypto into a wallet right away to avoid theft.

Year started: 2013
Founder: Nimrod Gruber

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bitcoin exchange you can trust


Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether

CEX.IO is a bittersweet platform for Aussies in that it allows you to exchange fiat currencies, but doesn’t allow you to exchange in AUD. The result is slightly higher fees than other exchanges.

Year started: 2013
Founder: Oleksandr Lutskevych
Headquarters location: London, England, United Kingdom
Users to date: more than 3 million users

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cointree bitcoin exchanges in australia

9. CoinTree

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether, Golem, Litecoin, Monero and Ripple, etc…

At last, an exchange built just for Aussies! Accordingly, CoinTree is a resource that swaths of Australians swear by. Worth noting is that the only crypto you can buy directly through the site is bitcoin, and there will be a 3% fee attached to every purchase. However, the exchange does allow you to trade bitcoin for a number of altcoins at no extra cost. Because CoinTree relies on ShapeShift to handle its trades, they don’t currently offer built-in wallets for anything but bitcoin.

Year started: 2013
Headquarters location: Melbourne, Victoria

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hitbtc bitcoin exchange Information

10. HitBTC

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Litecoin, Monero, etc…

Touting itself as the “most advanced bitcoin exchange”, HitBTC has been in the game since 2013. Of course, all that advanced technology didn’t prevent them from getting hacked in 2015, but thankfully no customers were affected. Plus, the hack only prompted them to increase their security measures, meaning HitBTC is probably safer now than most of the other exchanges. To join the site is to gain access to low trading fees and a truly broad range of cryptocurrencies.

Year started: 2013
Headquarters location: Chicago

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ku coin worldwide premiere

11. KuCoin

Exchanges: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, DigitalNote, Ardor, KCS

Straight out of Asia comes KuCoin, a relatively new exchange that’s gaining a ton of momentum. In addition to low fees and access to crypto, the site also offers shares to its own company (KCS or KuCoin Shares), meaning their success can be your success. How’s that for incentive?

Year started: 2017

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local bitcoin buy and sell

12. LocalBitcoins

Exchanges: Bitcoin

For those who want to stick with bitcoin and trade it as it was meant to be traded, look no further than LocalBitcoins. It’s a true peer-to-peer exchange allowing you to buy and sell bitcoin directly to other users. The network is broad, the fees low and the trades fast. The site also includes its own built-in wallet and accepts a slew of payment methods for direct bitcoin purchases.

Year started: 2012
Founder: Jeremias Kangas
Headquarters location: Helsinki, Finland

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Importance Saftey Note

We know, we know–you’d love nothing more than to hurry up and buy something already. However, before taking the plunge there are a few things to consider. For starters, you should be aware that while virtually every exchange sells or trades bitcoin, many offer just a small range of additional cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, you should expect minor fees on most transactions, as well as daily limits on how much you can buy and sell. Last but certainly not least, you should be aware that exchanges are not 100% secure from hackers and thieves. For that reason alone, you’ll want to set up a wallet, i.e. a designated account with its own address that takes your money off the exchange, making that money less susceptible to theft. Many exchanges come with their own built-in wallets.

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