Reputation Defender Protects Your Record Online & Sets it Straight

A lot has been said about the dangers of the anonymity of the internet. Sitting in the privacy of your own home with no one in front of you frees up any inhibitions toward decency and courtesy. Many individuals and businesses have been sunk by cheap shots taken by internet trolls. Granted, sometimes those negative reviews are warranted, but many times they’re not. That’s where services like Reputation Defender come into play.

Reputation Defender is an online reputation management service—in fact, they were the first to enter this space and continue to be the leader in the field. Reputation Defender holds over 20 patents for their services, and they have lent their expertise to over 1 million privacy customers and to tens of thousands of online reputation clients.

Reputation Defender works by pushing down bad or negative search results, making room for the positive results. With over 90 per cent of searchers never going past the first page of results, those top results are prime real estate. Reputation Defender helps you reclaim those rankings by creating a range of positive content about you or your business. All you have to do is provide the raw information and Reputation Defender takes care of the rest.

There are certain things that Reputation Defender won’t take on—essentially any information that has importance to the public, such as court proceedings, indictments for sexual or violent crimes, any crimes involving children, and felony fraud convictions. The rest, however, can be dealt with.

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