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Milk crate challenge fails 3

What is the Milk Crate Challenge? A Battle the TikTok Olympians Were Bound to Lose

Stack ’em up boys, the viral milk crate challenge is full of epic fails and miserable messes.

It didn’t take long for the stories of the greatest Olympians to inspire the youth in such a way that they began stacking milk crates. With only the greatest TikTok athletes scaling it to the top amidst screams and shrills from onlookers – phrases like “oh, I hope he don’t fall” could be heard around the block.

The Milk Crate Challenge is the latest viral trend taking the internet by storm. Watch as these untrained and poorly skilled TikTok athletes channel their inner Simone Biles. Will they scale it all the way to the top of Mount Safeway? Or will they simply provide us with a couple of laughs in lieu of some serious injuries? We’re putting our money on the latter. It’s lonely at the top

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Milk crate challenge fails 1

Image: YouTube/ Media Plug

What is the Milk Crate Challenge?

They say a picture says a thousand words, and in the case of the Milk Crate Challenge, we certainly believe them. The first thing to note is that the inherent nature of stacked crates is far from safe, however, we’d be remiss to mention it’s certainly spectacular watching these individuals fall and essentially eat sh*t.

The milk crate challenge involves scaling a stack of milk crates that are at least five stories tall (in milk crates). Like any good sport, there’s a good amount of money being exchanged on the sidelines as family and friends bet on their homies unproven ability to scale a stack of unstable crates. Ball-players are at a definite advantage, but so are the mums and sisters who naturally possess a good amount of core strength and balance. Let’s see how you begin to attempt the crate challenge.

Milk crate challenge fails 2

Image: YouTube/ Media Plug

How Do You Attempt the Milk Crate Challenge?

There are a few things you need before attempting the Milk Crate Challenge, starting with the obvious. You’ll have to drink a whole lot of milk, and while there are certainly easier ways to go about attaining some crates (via. the local 7/11) we don’t condone the theft of crates. This means you’re going to need a tonne of Nesquick (or Milo if you’re in Australia) to get through that milk fast. Alternatively, get the whole family involved as seen in the video above and share the drinking duties.

Stacking Crates

Stacking the crates is the easy bit, although you’ll want to make sure you have a couple of coloured crates for the top. Red milk crates – as seen in the videos – are usually indicative of a low-fat option so keep your eyes peeled for some 2% milk around your local grocery store.

We recommend stacking the milk crates in a row of nine across the bottom. This will result in a stack that’s five stories high which is more than enough for a few quality fails. We also recommend doing this on a soft surface such as grass, not only is this a safer option that will lower the chance of injury but it’s also funnier because the crates aren’t nearly as stable. All that’s left is to walk your way to the top!

  • 25 Milk crates.
  • 9 along the base.
  • 5 stories high (in milk crates).
  • Coloured crate for the peak.
  • Setup on a soft surface such as grass.
Milk crate challenge fails 4

Image: YouTube/ Media Plug

Best Milk Crate Challenge Videos

We’ve compiled a list of the best #cratechallenge videos from the internet for your viewing pleasure. There are even some triumphant victories along the way. Let’s find out who the TikTok Olympic champion really is.

General FAQ

What is the milk crate challenge?

The milk crate challenge is a new viral trend that sees people attempt to climb a stack of milk crates five stories high or more.

How many milk crates do you need for the crate challenge?

To build a stack that is 5 stories tall, you'll need 25 milk crates to attempt the challenge.

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