Bel’s Scooter Chair Lets You Work from Behind the Desk in Style

Bel & Bel have created a remarkable piece of furniture that not only resembles a scooter, but is actually crafted from original 1980’s Vespa scooter parts. The scooter’s chassis has been re-purposed and each chair is handcrafted using parts from authorised scooter dealers. Sadly the engine has been removed preventing the inevitable chair races around the office.

bel scooter chair back view

The scooter chair features all the luxuries of a regular office chair. It reclines, swivels, adjusts to the required height and is ergonomic. The cushions are upholstered with imitation leather and it wouldn’t really be a scooter chair without indicators fitted to the rear. The base model can be customised with a selection of extras to suit personal taste. Genuine leather upholstery, flashing LEDs for the indicators and the Vespa logotype situated on the rear are several of the necessary options.

Bel and Bel’s scooter chair is a must for all lovers of this iconic motorcycle. Its classic style and high-end components create the perfect example of contemporary design. Each chair is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. There is a limited quantity, making each chair a unique collector’s item.

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