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Samsung’s New Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G Smartphones Offer Price-Conscious Polish

While Samsung is primarily known for high-specced and premium-priced smartphones like the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Z Fold5, the Korean brand also does a respectable job of catering to those on a tighter budget. To this end, this week saw the unveiling of its new Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G smartphones, a pair of devices that deliver much of the polish and functionality found within their high-end siblings, but at considerably more accessible price points – AUD$699 for the A55 and AUD$549 for the A35. 

The benefit of having such a highly competitive smartphone market is that brands are consistently forced to push the envelope and then it doesn’t take too long for new innovations to trickle down to more affordable handsets. This is the case with the A55 and A35, which boast features that have previously been the domain of flagship devices, such as enhanced photographic capabilities, heightened security measures, and larger, brighter screens — each of these packs a 6.6-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display boasting Vision Booster for improved visibility in a broader range of surroundings.

The A55 and A35 are undoubtedly a step up for Samsung’s more affordable phone offering, and can be difficult to tell apart on first glance. This is thanks to their almost identical dimensions and the premium feel of the Gorilla Glass and aluminium frame construction they share. However, there are differences to be found on closer inspection, particularly when it comes to their cameras…

Samsung a55 5g 1
Samsung Galaxy A55 5g | Image: Samsung

Camera Upgrades

Both phones have clearly been designed with an awareness of camera performance as a major decision driver for smartphone customers, however the A55’s higher price point necessitates significantly better specs. It packs four lenses—12MP Ultra-Wide Camera / F2.2; 50MP Main Camera / F1.8; 5MP Macro Camera, F2.4; 32MP Front Camera, F2.2—and pairs them with a version of Samsung’s signature Nightography technology. Samsung says this combination is designed to deliver vibrant photography, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. 

By comparison, the A35 also offers up four lenses—8MP Ultra-Wide Camera, F2.2; 50MP Main Camera, F1.8; 5MP Macro Camera, F2.4; 13MP Front Camera, F2.2—and shares features also found within the A55, such as optical image stabilisation (OIS) and video digital image stabilisation (VDIS), which are designed to ensure sharp photos and videos.

Samsung a35 5g 1
Samsung Galaxy A35 5G | Image: Samsung

Tightened Security 

According to Samsung, security is also a focus for this generation of more affordable handsets, with Samsung Knox Vault coming to both the A55 and A35. This hardware-based security measure is designed to provide protection from hardware and software attacks alike, thanks to a dedicated hardware chip that’s physically isolated from the system’s memory. This can be used to store critical data like the phone’s lock screen credentials, whether they’re PIN codes, passwords, or patterns. 

Samsung Knox Vault also offers protection for the device’s encryption keys, which encrypt users’ stored private data. So even if the device is lost or stolen, the correct screen credentials will be required in order to access this data. 

Image: Samsung Galaxy S55 5G | Image: Samsung

Long-Term Support

Samsung also acknowledges that people are now holding onto their phones for longer, so users can count on up to four generations of Android OS and One UI upgrades, as well as five years of security updates. While this doesn’t quite match the seven years of support promised for the aforementioned S24 Ultra, it’s still a welcome development. 

Plus, those who’ve purchased the S24 Ultra—which starts at AUD$2,199 and maxes out at AUD$2,799—will justifiably expect to get even longer out of their device.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G | Image: Samsung

Pricing, Deals, and Discounts

Those looking to pick up the Galaxy A55 and A35 will be able to do so from March 25, with the A55 available in navy and lilac finishes—the former looks particularly sharp in person—and the A35 sporting navy and ice blue options. 

As mentioned, pricing is set at AUD$699 for the A55 and AUD$549 for the A35. However, if you purchase an A55 before April 15, Samsung will throw a pair of Galaxy Buds FE (RRP AUD$199) into the mix for free, while A35 customers who do the same will see an extra AUD$100 knocked off the purchase price. 

In a climate where not everyone can justify purchasing a flagship smartphone, it’s nice to see Samsung working to ensure its more affordable smartphone options have a premium look and feel, as well as a feature set that provides genuine value for money.