The Bulat Chef Knife Combines First Rate with Cut Rate

We’d like to coin a new term: “first cut rate”. It applies to products that utilize expert level craftsmanship and premium grade materials without gouging on the price tag. In this particular instance the term is even more applicable because the product in mention is the Bulat Chef’s Knife, which happens to actually cut things. The Bulat is steadily slicing up real dollars on Kickstarter and should be tearing its way into kitchens within a matter of months. Okay, we’ll stop with the blade puns now.

bulat knife view

Anyone who knows chefs know they go to painstaking lengths to find the right knife and then cherish that knife like a newborn child. The people at Bulat are well aware of the devotion a great kitchen knife inspires so they’ve combined the best of eastern and western knife making and loaded their baby with all the features chefs go gaga for. Features like a cutting core that crunches high carbon Japanese VG10 steel between 67 alternating layers of stainless steel to ensure a lack of corrosion or dullness. That layering is the same kind that’s used in Japanese swords according to Bulat. On the face of the blade is a Damascus layered finish–we don’t know what that means because we’re not chefs but a chef will know what it means and it sounds amazing.

bulat chef knife

Some other specs are a deep belly to guarantee easy breezy chopping, and a convex olive wood grip that includes flexible contours and a thumb groove in the bolster to maximize comfort and conformity. And then of course there’s the price. The Bulat is advertising itself as a knife that spared no expense in craft and durability but spares the consumer plenty of expense in retail cost. Now that sounds first cut rate to us!

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bulat chef knife outlook

handle of chef knife