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DARK LARK is a Single Malt Celebration, Embracing the Night

In Partnership with LARK

A true pioneer of Australian whisky, LARK has never shied away from doing things its own way. Ever since the label’s very first bottle of single malt was crafted around Bill and Lyn Lark’s kitchen table all the way back in ‘92, LARK has embodied a sense of daring. It’s that willingness to be bold and create something unique that has led LARK to this point, releasing an intriguing new whisky that’s not only ultra-smooth but challenges how we drink whisky and share it with others.

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Describing this new dram as “a whisky made differently, to be drank differently,” LARK has created an undeniably smooth single malt intended to not only stir the curiosity of night owls and after-dark adventurers but to act as a celebration of Tasmania’s awe-inspiring terroir and the Southern Hemisphere’s greatest light show, Aurora Australis.

When it comes to soaking in the glory of this intoxicating natural phenomenon, Tasmanians have the best seat in the house. As such, it’s only fitting that the warming purple glow and green beams of light that have mesmerised people for millennia provide the inspiration for the eye-catching label artwork of this limited release.

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Open a bottle of DARK LARK, and you’ll find yourself similarly spellbound as evocative aromas of mocha and sultanas slowly unfurl, developing with light oak spice and a hint of cherry. As you sip, you’ll encounter layers of white peach surrounded by crème brulee, followed by a rich blackcurrant crumble and hints of ice cream. These ultimately give way to a delicious finish of honeycomb and caramelised pineapple.

While many of these notes may stand apart from those more commonly associated with whisky, that’s entirely the point. DARK LARK is intended to challenge the idea of the traditional. Thanks to its maturation in Sherry, Port, and white oak casks, followed by finishing in Tokay and Muscat casks, it has grown into a whisky that’s unexpectedly smooth and approachable, yet complex and intriguing. All this is to reaffirm that DARK LARK is a dram with a difference.

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Australia’s No.1 bartender (and DARK LARK ambassador) Millie Tang agrees. Having worked with DARK LARK to develop cocktails that celebrate its singular properties, she found it a fitting celebration of those who dare to be different and embrace the boundless possibilities once the sun goes down. 

“I’ve always been an admirer of LARK for their uncompromising penchant for the unexpected and rebellious, and DARK LARK is a whisky done differently, to be enjoyed differently,” Tang explains. “The cocktails made for this year’s release are designed to get the whisky off the shelf and into the glass; to be enjoyed during specific moments after dark, whether at the bar or at home. Whisky belongs in cocktails, it belongs on ice, it belongs on the dance-floor, in hand as a “cheers” between friends before, during, and after dinner. Whisky is what you make it, as is the night.”

You won’t hear any arguments from us. Don’t miss your chance to experience this landmark Limited Release Tasmanian Single Malt. DARK LARK is available now in 500 ml bottles presented in a luxury gift box for AUD$250. We can think of no better way to “ignite the night”.

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