The Makers by Makers Mark Displays The Four Ws of Kentucky’s Finest

Next Saturday, a small crowd of lucky people will gather at a private residence in Alexandria, all in the name of sampling some fantastic bourbon whisky. Man of Many was lucky enough to be in attendance at a media preview, where we were taken through four rooms, set up as four different workshops, in aid of learning more about this prized spirit.

First, by baking bread, we’re told how the unique blend of grains used in the recipe for Maker’s Mark was found through this method, and shown the first W of the process: Wheat. The second W workshop is Water, where a Japanese ice-carver shows us his mastery of the skill, and we’re invited to drink the delicious bourbon over ice which we stamp ourselves, and add water as desired.

timber barrel selection create maker

The third W is Wood–here we meet a cooper, who discussed the importance of timber and barrel selection when creating Maker’s Mark. We share a dram of Maker’s 46 before heading through to the final room, and perhaps most iconic W: Wax. Each bottle was hand-dipped at the Kentucky distillery before getting boxed up and shipped off to market, way back in 1958 when it was first poured off the casks, and nothing has changed since.

While it might be a common spirit, Maker’s Mark is still produced in small batches, and everything in the distillery is still done by hand. The four Ws, paired with the stubbornness for traditional methods, makes Maker’s Mark a tasty and consistent bourbon whisky, however you drink it.

Maker’s Mark

different food display

makers by maker bourbon whisky

makers mark bottle

makers mark pure over ice

men cut the ice

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