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A man punching punching bag hanging by Aldi Boxing Toer

ALDI’s Got a $129 Boxing Tower as Part of its Special Buys

The many men at Man of Many are very aware that many men like to vent their frustrations like Manny, by punching the ever-living shit out of either an inanimate PVC bag filled with rags, or each other (but, you know … in a ring and with gloves on, of course.) ALDI, the German supermarket chain best known for being cheap, quality, and having an admirable lack of stupid plastic-waste-based promotions (aka: not a single fucking ooshie in sight), knows this too, and is offering a complete boxing stand for AUD$129 as part of its special buys this weekend.

ALDI has a long and celebrated history of offering cool and unexpected things on the cheap. We scored a sweet unicycle for our office for $60 once, and their annual ski-season sale sends snow lovers into a frenzy, scoring toasty garments for a fraction of the price of other vendors.

The boxing tower comes with the requisite speedball (y’know, the non-Belushi variety) to reenact your favourite Rocky montage, as well as a hook for a boxing bag. If you would like to complete the ensemble with the boxing bag, you can score one of those too, for a ridiculous AUD$39.99.

That’s right, for under AUD$160 you can have a full boxing training set-up in your very own home. ALDI will even deck you out with a pair of gloves for AUD$14.99.

ALDI sales have caused quite a stir before amongst those keen to nab a bargain–at least if these look to run out before all can get one in their grip the ensuing squabble should get proper naughty.

If punching shit is of interest to you, head to your nearest ALDI this Saturday morning, queue up with the other boxing enthusiasts and get in early when the store opens.