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A man using Hyperice HypervoltPlus on legs

WIN! A Hyperice Athlete Recovery and Mobility Kit Worth $2,800!

Gone are the days where active recovery treatments are exclusive to professional athletes and those who can afford to drop some hard-earned dosh on weekly physio and masseuse sessions. Now, thanks to innovative companies such as Hyperice, affordable high-performance therapy gear is becoming more commonplace among everyday athletes and fitness aficionados. Their Hypervolt percussion massage device is one of the industry leaders for consumer-centric athlete recovery solutions and the rest of their range continues to make waves. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Hyperice and so we’ve teamed up with them to giveaway a Hyperice Recovery and Mobility Kit worth nearly $2,800 to one of our lucky readers.

With a prize including the Hypervolt Plus (With Bluetooth) and their all-new NormaTec Leg PULSE 2.0, whether you’re just a fitness enthusiast or a fully-fledged professional athlete, this is is the best at-home recovery kit money can buy. Usually, the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus would set you back a dear $599 and the NormaTec Leg PULSE 2.0 another $2,199 on top of that. Altogether, it’s a pretty steep price. But what you get from the Leg PULSE 2.0 and the Hypervolt is access to state of the art recovery technology that operates at the cutting edge of sports science. Recovery can now be your biggest asset rather than an inhibitor in your day to day training. We truly believe that this is the future of sports technology and are super excited about giving one of our readers the opportunity to access these innovations completely free.

All you’ve got to do to enter is follow the links below and sign up to both Man of Many and Hyperice’s mailing lists. It’s that simple.

Win a Hyperice Athlete Recovery and Mobility Kit Worth $2,800!


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