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Low angle shot of two men sparring inside a muay thai ring

14 Best Muay Thai Gyms in Sydney

If you want to improve your fitness and want to try something new and exciting, why not give Muay Thai a go? There aren’t many martial arts more brutal yet systematic than Muay Thai, which is known as the “Art of Eight Limbs”. Originating in Thailand in the 13th century, it’s now one of the most popular martial arts in the world both for its kick-ass self-defence teachings and its overall body conditioning. If you want the best Sydney gym to train your mind and your body, get amongst Muay Thai. To help ya get started, we’ve gathered up the best Muay Thai gyms in Sydney, plus some additional fun facts about this epic martial art.

Best Sydney Muay Thai Gyms at a Glance

Interior view of Panza May Thai Boxing Gym
Panza Muay Thai Boxing Gym | Image: Panza Muay Thai Boxing Gym

1. Panza Muay Thai Boxing Gym

  • Address: Shop 2/17 Hollywood Ave, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
  • Cost: $120 per month

Panza Muay Thai Boxing Gym offers people of all ages and experience levels the opportunity to learn the art of Muay Thai and boxing in a friendly, safe and professional environment. With over 20 years experience, the team work alongside the Sitmonchai and Chang Gyms in Thailand and has trainers from those gyms periodically come and train members, providing a first-hand experience learning authentic Muay Thai traditions and training styles directly from Thai trainers and fighters.

Thai Boxing class photo at Igor MMA Sydney
Igor MMA Sydney | Image: Igor MMA Sydney

2. Igor MMA Sydney

  • Address: 32 Ebley St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
  • Cost: Free trial

Founded in 2004 by Igor Breakenback – professional mixed martial arts fighter and Hollywood stunt coordinator – and Olympic wrestler Igor Praporshchikov – Igor MMA offers a huge range of classes for all levels of experience, age, size, gender or physical ability. From indoor boot camps to ultimate conditioning sessions, there’s an experienced trainer for everyone at this Muay Thai gym in Sydney.

Interior view of SRG Thai Boxing Gym
SRG Thai Boxing Gym | Image: Jeffrey Sia

3. SRG Thai Boxing Gym

  • Address: 2/576 Botany Rd, Alexandria
  • Membership Cost: $240 per month (plus free trial)

SRG Thai Boxing offers something for everybody, from fitness to weight loss, self-defence or competition. With a complete Thai experience, SRG brings in the most renowned trainers directly from Thailand and also teaches Muay Thai trainees about Thai Culture, Thai costumes and folklore.

High angle shot of Eastside Muay Thai gym interior
Eastside Muay Thai | Image: Eastside Muay Thai

4. Eastside Muay Thai

  • Address: U14/133-137 Beauchamp Rd, Matraville
  • Membership Cost: $220 per month

It’s good vibes only at Eastside Muay Thai where the trainers teach traditional Muay Thai techniques while also helping clients get fit and feel good. Eastside teaches Muay Thai, boxing and strength and conditioning, offering 34 weekly classes, designed to offer flexibility to our members with early morning classes, lunchtime classes and late afternoon classes.

Demonstration sparring watched by the class at Sitshoothon Muay Thai
Sitshoothon Muay Thai | Image: Sitshoothon Muay Thai

5. Sitshoothon Muay Thai

  • Address: 118a Hattersley St, Banksia
  • Membership Cost: $180 per month

If you’re looking for a close-knit Muay Thai community look no further than Sitsoothon Muay Thai. Located in Banksia, this gym specialises in Muay Thai and the pugilistic form (AKA Western form) of boxing. A membership at Sitshoothon gives you access to all classes including boxing and functional fitness, and you can also use the gym during opening hours to do extra training.

Class doing sparring drills at Jin Wu Moon Martial Arts gym
Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts | Image: Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts

6. Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts

  • Address: Level 1/232-236 Cleveland St, Chippendale
  • Membership Cost: $196 per month

Head coach Sifu Cheuk-Fai’s father, Chan Keng-Wan was a popular Kung Fu Grand Master known for his expert skills with the broadsword, butterfly swords and nunchucks. He opened many Jin Wu Koon academies in China, and now Sifu Cheuk-Fai carries on the family’s tradition by passing on his knowledge to the next generation of martial artists. With plenty of unisex classes, as well as classes specifically for men, women, and children, if you want to learn Muay Thai, Karate or Kung Fu at an authentic martial arts gym, check out JWK in Chippendale.

Two members sparring in the ring while other members are watching at Sydney Uni Muay Thai Club gym
Sydney Uni Muay Thai Club | Image: Sydney Uni Muay Thai Club

7. Sydney Uni Muay Thai Club

  • Address: Cnr Codrington St and, Darlington Ln, Darlington NSW 2008
  • Membership Cost: USYD students pay $175 for a year, community members pay $225 for a year

From seasoned veterans to completely new to Muay Thai, everyone’s welcome at Sydney Uni Muay Thai Club – whether you’re a student or not. Leading the training is head coach Chin-Liang (CL) Beh, who pioneered Muay Thai and kickboxing at Sydney Uni in 1998 and has been coaching for over 20 years. Running a variety of 90 minute classes, you’ll be taken through a range of Muay Thai techniques, conditioning and fitness. This Muay Thai gym is fitted with a boxing ring, heavy bags and other training fixtures, and has ample space for training. It’s also probably one of the cheapest in Sydney.

Black and red theme interior view of Power Core MMA Gym and equipment
Power Core MMA Gym | Image: Power Core MMA Gym

8. Power Core MMA Gym

  • Address: 7/394 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville
  • Membership Cost: Free trial

Power Core MMA in Marrickville doesn’t just offer authentic Muay Thai but also combat wrestling, Japanese Shooto, and Savate-Thai Cross Training. Run by head coach and former MMA professional Rahneer Fabi, if you’re after a multidisciplinary martial arts gym in Sydney, definitely head to Power Core.

Two men sparring at Open Sparring gym
Open Sparring | Image: Open Sparring

9. Open Sparring

  • Address: Lower Basement, 27 Park St, Sydney
  • Membership Cost: $220 per week

For one of the best Muay Thai gyms in the Sydney CBD, stop in for a session at Open Sparring on Park St. Ideal for a post-work sweat-sesh, Open Sparring offers Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, as well as yoga and wellness classes to stretch out and cool down afterwards.

Two men sparring inside the ring at PTJ Muay Thai gym
PTJ Muay Thai | Image: PTJ Muay Thai

10. PTJ Muay Thai

  • Address: Unit C/39-41 College St, Gladesville
  • Membership Cost: $220 per month

In Brookvale and Gladesville you’ll find PTJ Muay Thai. In the Gladesville gym, head trainer and former pro fighter Andrew Parnham leads the team. Trainers at the gym are Thailand trained and have had over 15 years experience in the sport, competing and working with athletes at both amateur and professional levels.

Two members sparring outside the ring while other members are watching at 8 Limbs martial arts gym
8 Limbs | Image: 8 Limbs

11. 8 Limbs

  • Address: 306 Oxford St, Bondi Junction
  • Membership Cost: 2 week trial for $49

Founded in 2013, Eight Limbs in Bondi is a staple martial arts gym with a focus on Muay Thai training. Under the leadership of coach Alessandro Vidoni, Muay Thai Commonwealth champ and former World Title contender, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Muay Thai boxing while also getting fit and having fun with a tight-knit community.

Group photo of members at Muay Thai Temple gym
Muay Thai Temple | Image: Muay Thai Temple

12. Muay Thai Temple

  • Address: Level 1/810 George St, Sydney
  • Membership Cost: $20 per visit

For Muay Thai which is informal but authentic, Muay Thai Temple on George St is your new Muay Thai gym. Run by Phayakorn Kalyaprasit who is known as ‘Boon’ to regular trainers, Muay Thai Temple brings together his uniquely nuanced experiences, and his hard-earned understanding that both mind and body must be exercised harmoniously in the learning and practice of Muay Thai.

Group photo of members at Zeus International Martial Arts Academy
Zeus International Martial Arts Academy | Image: Zeus International Martial Arts Academy

13. Zeus International Martial Arts Academy

  • Address: 1 Livingstone Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
  • Membership Cost: $240 per month

Built on real-world self-defence training, Zeus International Martial Arts Academy in Marrickville helps people of all backgrounds and experience levels find Muay Thai success. With head coach Costa Prasoulas boasting 35 years of martial arts experience, he’s certified in Muay Thai, Hapkido, BJJ and Taekwondo. Muay Thai classes at Zeus range from beginner, to intermediate and advanced.

Focus on two members sparring while other members are watching at Ultimate Fitness Centre gym
Ultimate Fitness Centre | Image: Ultimate Fitness Centre

14. Ultimate Fitness Centre

  • Address: Shop 4/309 Kent St, Sydney
  • Membership Cost: $240 per month (+$50 joining fee)

Another great Sydney CBD Muay Thai gym to try is Ultimate Fitness Centre. With a team of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, ex-MMA pro champions and Muay Thai champions, this gym offers a range of Muay Thai classes plus BJJ, boxing, MMA and team-building classes.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. Developed in the 13th century, Muay Thai is a close combat martial art and unlike other martial arts, Muay Thai uses the whole body as a weapon, which led it to become known as the ‘art of eight limbs’ and the most effective of the striking sports. The eight limbs that are being referred to are both fists, elbows, knees and shins. Muay Thai’s definitive origins are debated because most of Muay Thai history was lost during an attack on Siam’s capital city in the 14th century.

Training Style

Muay Thai has a range of training styles, and there’s no rule that you can only master one style. However, depending on your personality and training style you might find one type of Muay Thai training works best for you over all. Here are the most common training styles and who it’s best suited to:

  • Muay Femur: Muay Femur fighters are known for their intelligence, using their IQ to fight smarter, not harder. Muay Femur fighters pick their shots wisely and don’t throw punches just for the sake of it.
  • Muay Mat: Muay Mat fighters are aggressive, driven and always aiming for knockouts through heavy punchers (hands are the favoured weapon). Muay Mat fighting is all about landing as many heavy hits as possible.
  • Muay Khao: If you’ve got plenty of power in your knees, Muay Khao fighting might be the one for you. These fighters are known for their powerful shots to the knees. It’s a very dominating Muay Thai style and a crowd-favourite to watch.
  • Muay Tae: Love kicking? You might be a Muay Tae fighter. These fighters wear down their opponents by landing plenty of heavy kicks. They especially enjoy throwing a kick to the head for a knockout.
  • Muay Sok: Muay Sok fighters are all about the elbows, looking for any chance to slide in a quick elbow blow. Those trained in Muay Sok are aggressive and powerful, and great at counter-fighting.

Key Things to Consider for Sydney Muay Thai Gyms

  • Price:  Muay Thai gyms can be on the pricier side, often averaging $60 per week. Sydney Uni offers the cheapest membership at $225 per year.
  • Membership types: Most Muay Thai gyms offer single class passes, monthly or yearly memberships. Some have joining fees thrown on top as well. Typically, the more you train, the cheaper the membership will be overall.
  • Beginner/Expert: Most Muay Thai gyms in Sydney cater to a range of skills, from beginner to intermediate to advanced/expert. Make sure when signing up to a Muay Thai gym you let the coach know your experience level so they can tailor the experience to your needs.
  • Heath: As a close combat sport, Muay Thai can be pretty heavy going and there is always the risk of injury. Muay Thai gyms in Sydney do make an effort to provide safe and friendly training, but that doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Always be safe and work within your fitness limits.

Alternatives to Best Muay Thai Gyms in Sydney

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How We Choose This List of Best Muay Thai Gyms

We’re no martial arts pros (not yet, anyway), so if you’re wondering how we chose this list of the best Muay Thai gyms in Sydney, the short answer is Google Reviews, plenty of online research, trawled Reddit and got advice from a wide range of Muay Thai fights in the Sydney community. Basically, you can feel confident this list is legit.

Muay Thai Sydney FAQs

What do you call a Muay Thai Gym?

A Muay Thai gym doesn’t have a specific name, although some Muay Thai gyms have earned themselves the nickname McDojo, which is reserved for watered-down Muay Thai classes that are essentially an inauthentic version of a real Muay Thai gym.

Do Muay Thai gyms have weights?

Some Muay Thai gyms have weights, others don’t. Some Muay Thai fighters do lift weights, but it’s not so common in traditional Muay Thai camps.