Flycraft: The Boat of Many, MANY Uses

The self-proclaimed ‘most versatile boat in the world’ may very well be just that. The Flycraft Stealth Boat is for lovers of the outdoors. Purposed to be an all-purpose boat, the boat was built for fishing in all water types, from small streams to oceans. The boat is able to be packaged and transported easily by foot (weighing just under 45kg), or any four-wheeler. It’s surprisingly sturdy, with a reverse lean bar which locks you in place without getting tangled and loss of motion. It is also able to accomodate for two people easily, with 360 degree swivabble seats and casting space. The boat is able to maneveur incredibly well, and with shallow draft technology, can enter waters 3-4 inches high, allowing for entrance into uncommonly touched fishing spots. The boat also has two layers of PVC armour and four layers in key wear points, giving the boat bomb-proof durability. It also has multiple boat forms in one. So, whether you prefer the muscling used in kayaking, a casual row in a drift boat, or gunning it down the river using a motor boat, the Flycraft caters to your needs.

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flycraft stealth boat use fisherman


flycraft stealth boat beside a hill


flycraft stealth boat night look