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13 Best Ice-Cream and Gelato Shops in Sydney

Nothing screams summertime in Sydney more than a cold, refreshing scoop of ice-cream or gelato. Luckily, there are plenty of shops in every corner of Sydney serving up delicious flavours for you to enjoy. So, no matter where you are or whether you’re craving classic gelato, ice-cream burgers, whole tubs or some weird and wacky flavours, these are the 13 best ice-cream and gelato shops in Sydney.

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gelateria gondola chatswood ice cream and gelato

1. Gelateria Gondola Chatswood

Head to the most underrated ice cream shop in Sydney, Gelateria Gondola in Chatswood, for deliciously executed and simple gelato. Just like something out of Italy, a team of Venetian chefs are responsible for creating this little gelato shop and turning it into one of the most popular places for ice-cream lovers. A seemingly average-looking gelato shop, this is just part of its appeal.

Address: 2/77 Archer St, Chatswood
Hours: Monday – Sunday 2 pm – 9 pm
Phone: (02) 8084 1714

rivareno gelato interior

2. Rivareno Gelato

With locations in Darlinghurst, Barangaroo and Parramatta, Rivareno Gelato is a Sydney gelato institution. The shop is known for only making small batches of each flavour on the daily, so nothing goes to waste, and it’s all fresh. Their range of flavours is inspired by Italian notes, including mascarpone made with a splash of Sicilian dessert wine. They also have grantia if you’re looking for something a little more refreshing.

Address: 280 Crown St, Darlinghurst
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 1 pm – 11 pm, Friday – Saturday 1 pm – 12 am
Phone: (02) 9356 2669

mapo newtown gelato

3. Mapo Newtown

With so many gelato shops scattered along King Street, it can be hard to know where to go. But, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Mapo, one of the best ice-cream and Gelato shops in Sydney and one that also cares about sustainability. Their cups are compostable, they use wooden sticks, and half of their flavours are vegan! Another Italian-owned and run joint, there are plenty of traditional Italian flavours on the menu as well.

Address: 123 King Street, Newtown
Hours: Sunday – Wednesday 12 pm – 10 pm, Thursday 12 pm – 10.30 pm, Friday – Saturday 12 pm – 11 pm
Phone: (02) 8937 4919

messina interior

4. Messina

From a single store on a bustling Darlinghurst street to a Sydney ice-cream and gelato powerhouse, they now have stores strewn all over Sydney. Messina makes ice-cream seem effortlessly cool, and the best thing about it is the wide range and constantly evolving flavours, with 35 much-loved favourites and five weekly specials to surprise your taste buds each week. The flavours are just as innovative as they are delicious- we recommend the peanut butter with peanut fudge brownie for something decadent and a little bit different.

Address: Shop 1/241 Victoria St, Darlinghurst
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 12 pm – 10 pm, Friday – Saturday 12 pm – 10.30 pm
Phone: (02) 9331 1588

tasty towns gelato rhodes interior

5. Tasty Towns Gelato Rhodes

Rhodes’ very first gelateria and one of the best ice-cream and gelato shops in Sydney, Tasty Towns knows what to do when it comes to satisfying those taste buds of yours. The flavours match the atmosphere- bold, fun and full of energy. And good news, the flavours rotate fortnightly, so you’ll never get bored.

Address: Shop G18/6 Walker St, Rhodes
Hours: Monday – Sunday 10 pm – 10 pm
Phone: (02) 9189 8525

cremeria giuseppina five dock ice cream

6. Cremeria Giuseppina Five Dock

Haven’t had the chance to try a gelato burger? Now is your opportunity, and our advice is don’t diss it until you’ve tried it! At Cremeria Giuseppina, choose any gelato flavour you desire, and devour the brioche-bunned goodness you deserve! We recommend going for chocolatey and caramel flavours to really go out with a bang.

Address: 84 Ramsay Rd, Five Dock
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9 am 10.30 pm, Sunday 9 am – 6 pm
Phone: (02) 9712 4606

ciccone sons ice cream

7. Ciccone & Sons

Ciccone & Sons in Sydney’s Redfern means business when it comes to serving up top quality, no-fuss ice-cream and gelato. The decor has an old-school charm that is bound to put a smile on your face before you even get your ice-cream. When it comes to the flavours, expect plenty of fresh fruity inspiration and whole ingredients. They’re also licensed, so if you like your ice-cream with a negroni on the side, you know where to go.

Address: 195 Regent St, Redfern
Hours: Wednesday- Saturday 1 pm – 10 pm, Sunday 1 pm – 8 pm

the scoop artisan gelato interior

8. The Scoop Artisan Gelato

For one of the best ice-cream and gelato shops in Sydney if you’re in the Western suburbs, The Scoop Artisan Gelato in Campbeltown is the answer to all your prayers on those hot summer days. Their gelato is made from scratch daily from only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Plus, they sell gelato cakes- the perfect idea for your mates birthday dinner next weekend.

Address: Macarthur Square, c14/200 Gilchrist Dr, Campbelltown
Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 am – 9 pm
Phone: (02) 4627 7566

cow the moon gelato

9. Cow & The Moon

Easily mistaken for an old milk store or deli, this inconspicuous ice-cream and gelato shop is one of Enmore’s most-loved spots. The small team make all their delicious flavours in-house from original recipes they have developed over the years in the tiny store. FYI, this place gets busy, so don’t be surprised if the line is out the door- but, it’s worth it!

Address: 181 Enmore Rd, Enmore
Hours: Monday – Wednesday 8.30 am- 8 pm, Thursday – Sunday 8.30 am – 11 pm
Phone: (02) 9557 4255

c9 chocolate gelato

10. C9 Chocolate & Gelato

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic ice-cream cone, a cup packed with three flavours, a cronut or a gelato sandwich, C9 Chocolate & Gelato has you covered. Experts at all things dessert, the flavours here are rich, creamy, oh-so-decadent and not for the faint-hearted. The gelato sandwich with your choice of gelato with a side of fruit is a must-have!

Address: 55 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest
Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11 am – 10 pm, Friday – Saturday 11 am – 10.30 pm
Phone: (02) 9516 4575

hakiki gelato

11. Hakiki

Ever tried Turkish- ice-cream? Well, now is your chance! Hakiki in Newtown is Sydney’s favourite Turkish ice-creamery, and for a good reason too. Turkish ice-cream is known for its rich, creamy texture, which comes from the classic Turkish ingredient, orchid root grown in Southern Turkey. You can also grab your favourite other traditional Turkish treats here- they serve Turkish coffee, baklava and Turkish delight.

Address: Shop 1/63/71 Enmore Rd, Newtown
Hours: Monday – Thursday 11.30 am – 10.30 pm, Friday – Saturday 11.30 am – 11.30 pm, Sunday 11 am – 10.30 pm
Phone: (02) 8040 1676

toscana gelateria naturale interior

12. Toscana Gelateria Naturale

Don’t come to Toscana with an empty stomach- their flavours are simply so irresistible, you’ll want to try them all! The Tuscan-owned suburban ice-cream and gelato shop is full of delicious flavours, with some traditional Italian and Tuscan notes weaved in there as well. Our recommendation – the ricotta and cinnamon for out-of-this-world deliciousness.

Address: 103 Denman Rd, Georges Hall
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm, Saturday 11 am – 9 pm
Phone: (02) 9723 1349

gelato franco interior

13. Gelato Franco

What better way to top off our recommendations of the best ice-cream and gelato shops in Sydney with this classic Italian dessert parlour. Located in Sydney’s trendy Marrickville, Gelato Franco is the old-school gelato store of your childhood dreams. With quaint decor and everything served on charming silver, you could fool yourself into thinking you were in Italy! In terms of flavours, we can’t pick, so you’ll have to try them all!

Address: 281 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 2 pm – 10 pm, Friday 1 pm – 10 pm, Saturday – Sunday 12 pm – 10 pm

General FAQs

Where is the best chocolate ice-cream in Sydney?

For the best chocolate ice-cream in Sydney, head to C9 Chocolate & Gelato in Crows Nest.

What is the most awarded gelato shop in Sydney?

Messina is the most awarded gelato shop in Sydney.

Where is the best place for a late-night gelato in Sydney?

The best place for late-night gelato in Sydney is Rivareno Gelato.


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