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Big mac family australia

New Big Mac Variations Coming to Australia as Mac Family Returns

McDonald’s, the quintessential American fast-food chain, is making waves again with the reintroduction of the Mac Family for a limited time only. Starting April 3, burger lovers nationwide can revel in the nostalgic taste of the iconic Big Mac, now available at your local Macca’s in three size variations.

The revival of the Mac Family offers customers the chance to savour the Big Mac taste they know and love with the classic Big Mac, its pint-sized sibling, the Mac Jr., and its larger-than-life counterpart, the Grand Big Mac. Onion Rings are also back and they’re being served with Big Mac Special Sauce—a culinary delight for every appetite. Here’s a breakdown of each variation:

  • Classic Big Mac ($7.90 single item): With its two succulent 100 per cent Aussie beef patties, crisp iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions, and pickles, all nestled between a toasted sesame seed bun, is a timeless favourite that needs no introduction.
  • Mac Jr. ($7.70 single item): For those seeking a more modest portion, the Mac Jr. offers all the delicious flavours of the original Big Mac in a single-patty format. However, with the Mac Jr. priced at $7.70, offering a mere 20c discount compared to the $7.90 regular Big Mac, one might question the actual McValue of downsizing.
  • Grand Big Mac ($10.65 single item): This big fella is tailor-made for the Big Mac aficionado craving an even more indulgent experience, featuring larger patties and buns to satisfy hearty appetites.

Adding to the festivities, crispy Onion Rings served with Big Mac Special Sauce triumphantly return, joining the recent lineup of crunchy delights like the Pineapple Fritters and the upcoming McCrispy.

UPDATE (17/04/2024): McDonald’s Australia has officially issued ‘The Big Mac Challenge’ where you can score yourself a free small Fries and a Coke with the purchase of a Mac Jr., Big Mac, Double Big Mac or Grand Big Mac by simply chanting the classic Big Mac Chant in four seconds or less.

“Two-all-beef-patties-Special-Sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions-on a sesame seed bun”

To enter: Use the Big Mac Chant video filter on Snapchat or via audio recording on the MyMacca’s app.

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Big mac sizes
Mac Family size comparison | Image: McDonald’s

Samantha McLeod, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Australia, expressed her enthusiasm: “The Big Mac is a true global icon and one of our most popular menu items, delivering feel-good moments for our loyal customers for more than 50 years in Australia.”

“Featuring layers of tasty goodness, a unique balance of savoury, meaty, and tangy flavours, plus the iconic Special Sauce, the Big Mac is instantly recognisable, forever memorable, often imitated, but never quite replicated. To celebrate the universally loved burger, we’re giving Big Mac loyalists and future Big Mac lovers the gift of choice with our new Mac Family range, offering even more ways to enjoy its iconic taste – with more to come…”

Big mac in hand
McDonald’s Australia has sold a staggering 1.2 billion Big Macs | Image: McDonald’s

With a legacy dating back to its 1968 debut, the Big Mac has solidified its status as a global icon. The birth of the term “Special Sauce” in 1974 sparked a culinary phenomenon, with its ingredients remaining a closely guarded secret until 2012.

That same year, the Big Mac was immortalised in song, celebrating its seven iconic ingredients in a catchy tune that resonated with burger enthusiasts worldwide.

By 1986, the Big Mac transcended borders, prompting The Economist to introduce the Big Mac Index—a testament to its universal appeal that transcends cultural boundaries.

Over the past 55 years, McDonald’s Australia has sold a staggering 1.2 billion Big Macs, enough to encircle the earth three times over. With nearly three million customers indulging in a Big Mac each month, its enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless appeal.

The Mac Family and Onion Rings served with Big Mac Special Sauce are now available nationwide at Macca’s restaurants and via the MyMacca’s App from April 3, 2024, for a limited time.

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