The Gold Experience – CK One Gold

Picture a bottle of cologne that’s literally dripping in gold paint and you’re on the right track toward Calvin Klein’s latest redolent seducer. CK One Gold represents the evolution of the brand’s game-changing CK One, which became the premium standard for casual fragrance basically everywhere upon its launch decades ago. This time around Calvin Klein aimed for something with elevated appeal and a touch more refinement.

gold experience ck one gold  premium standard

The essence of CK One Gold is a unisex profile that’s rife with equal parts masculine assuredness and feminine sensuality. That means interacting layers of wood, flower, sweetness and herbs. Upon spraying, the top notes get the ball rolling with a distinct combination of fig, bergamont and sage. At the heart is honeyed neroli enhanced by floral notes of jasmine and violet. Lingering on the flesh is the warm scent of grassy vetiver, patchouli and guaiac wood.

gold experience ck one gold in the hand

CK One Gold is campaigning on the following slogan: “Be brave. Stand out from the crowd. Everything you touch exudes gold.” Supermodel Rhiannon McConnell is the face of the campaign. Her striking feminine allure paired with the CK One name will perhaps help relay the message that CK One Gold crosses all boundaries of sex and scent. Driving everything home is that unmistakably catchy bottle dripping in beautiful gold colour. Oooh la la!

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gold experience ck one gold packet