Johnnie Walker Red Label Mix Project

Man of Many was lucky enough to be invited along to the Johnnie Walker® Red Label Mix Project on Wednesday night to celebrate the relaunch of Red Label and the unique collaboration with Tony Conigliaro.

Being regular scotch whisky drinkers ourselves, we were excited to hear the story behind Red Label, starting out of a small supermarket in Scotland, to become the world’s highest selling whisky. Alexander Walker created the distinctive square bottle in 1860, with a label angled at precisely 24° and the scotch literally became recognized globally as the whisky with the “red label”. The shape of the bottle meant more liquor could fit into the crates and more liquor in the bellies of satisfied consumers.

johnnie walker red label drinking whisky

After tasting Tony’s creations using Johnny Walker, we can understand why he’s renowned the world over for being an expert innovator and a leading authority on mixology. He perfectly complemented the bold, characterful taste of Johnny Walker Red Label with a host of flavours and ingredients, experimenting in unique style using the Drink Factory, part of his London establishment 69 Colebrooke Row.

Through exploring the Australian flavour landscape, Tony was able to give a sneak preview of the stunning drinks that will be officially unveiled at the 2013 Melbourne Cup Johnnie Walker Whisky Bar in Hill Square (accessible to all racegoers). Our favorite by far was the Cypher, taking inspiration from the deeper notes of Johnnie Walker, reindeer moss is used to accentuate the earthy flavours associated with Johnnie Walker Red Label.

johnnie walker red label mix project launch two men laughing johnnie walker whisky glasses box johnnie walker whisky in hand whisky and glasses on the tablejohnnie walker red label project presentation accessories two audi cars johnnie walker red label whisky bar