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Jamesma illustration watch sketches

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 2 April 2022

April has officially arrived and for the Man of Many team, that means charging on through to the Easter public holidays. Before we clock out and take some much-needed rest, however, we’re pushing on with our mission to scour the net for sparkly things that grab our attention. This week, it’s a mixed bag of drinks, events and video clips that we’re certain will put you in a good mood. Here’s Man of Many’s Staff Favourites for this week.

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Image: Unlabelled Brand

Unlabelled Skincare

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

I feel like I may have left my run too late, but six weeks out from my wedding, I’m starting to think about my skin. After noticing my face looks like a squished dragonfruit in my recent photos, I’ve decided to dial up the routine and get myself sorted for the big day. I was lucky to land some goodies from Unlabelled, a new skincare social enterprise and I have to say, it’s doing wonders, inside and out. Aside from just cleaning my pores and making look a little more lifelike, the brand is doing some serious good for the community. In an effort to celebrate diversity and help tackle youth suicide, founders Anthony McDonough and Chris Glebatsas are donating 100 per cent of their profits made from the products to charities that share Unlabelled’s mission to improve the mental health of Australian youth. Working with groundbreaking organisations such as the Black Dog Institute, QLife, Headspace and Kids Helpline, Unlabelled is changing the conversation around mental health and youth suicide. Truly, this is one brand I am happy to get behind.

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The World’s Most Awkward Handshake

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

It’s been a long week with lots ofSydney Whisky Week Returns in 2022 with 9 Epic Days of Free Whisky!. For some reason, every brand decided to throw a party this week with lots of whisky launches so my head is feeling a little sore at the moment. What better way than to settle into some good YouTube clips I found this week. There are the other kids at the Euphoria high school or the world’s most awkward handshake to enjoy. While you’re at it, check out my favourite YouTuber Pewdiepie and if you really want to sink into a quality content rabbit hole, check out the OG YouTube survivalist out of Australia, Primitive Technology. Enjoy the weekend.

@Jamesma.illustration Watch Sketches

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

For a satisfying watch, check out @jamesma.illustration on Instagram or YouTube. This London based illustrator uses his pencil to draw detailed sketches of fine watches. With dozens of hours of sketching going into each piece, he documents the progress of each of his drawings from a blank sheet of paper to finished work. And if you really like what he creates, you can buy his prints on Etsy or get in touch for an original.

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Favourite Article of the Week: It’s Time to Admit It, The Oscars Sucks


Image: Bendon

Bendon Lingerie

Denise Barnes – Head of Branded Content

So not necessarily a product for all our male readers out there, but let this be a gentle reminder that you don’t need to wait until Valentine’s Day to spoil your better half with some lingerie. In fact, as a woman, this would be very well received. Traditionally, lingerie can be quite expensive and perhaps this is why it’s reserved for the month of love. However, I’ve recently discovered the brand Bendon that’s not just surprisingly affordable, it looks great too. The biggest challenge, perhaps, when buying lingerie for your girlfriend, wife or partner is figuring out the right style and sizing, which is where this super handy lingerie buying guide comes in that will help you select the perfect combination without spoiling the surprise. A thoughtful gift that will keep the romance alive all year round. You can thank me later!

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Favourite Article of the Week: It’s Time to Admit It, The Oscars Sucks

“Be Who You Are” by Oakley

Tim Fernandes – Senior Sales & Partnerships Manager

Check out the latest chapter of Oakley’s “Be Who You Are” campaign, which features narration from Team Oakley road cyclist Mark Cavendish and highlights their 2022 Bike Collection – Which included some pretty epic sunnies amongst other gear. The video shows off the ways in which a bike is more than just two wheels, it is an enabler of human possibilities, strength, and freedom, giving the rider the power to explore infinite paths. As part of the campaign, Oakley has partnered with South African cycling group Fixie Fit as well as BMX rider Wanga Moshani. The partnerships explore not only their skills on a bike, but the ways that each support, value, and empower their communities off it. They tell their individual stories on how a bike has become for each of them not just a vehicle of transportation, but a vehicle for expressing oneself and finding purpose, family, and community. It’s all great watching.

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Image: Rollerama

Rollerama – Darling Harbour

Geena Valos – Account Manager

Disclaimer: only attend if you are coordinated.

Looking to spice up your Friday night or weekend? Darling Harbour’s new pop-up roller rink has just opened in the centre of Sydney’s CBD. From beginners to experts all rollers are welcome to test their skating skills and coordination. Indulge the experience with their dinner deals and drinks- it is a guaranteed good time! Head down and test out your disco moves under the disco.

Fair warning – roller skating is harder than it looks. Not to worry though, Rollerrama’s team is ready to offer top tips for skating success. You can either hire a pair at their shop or BYO skates and enjoy the DJ tunes from DJ Charlie Villas 4-10pm. Open for the whole month of April at only $25 a ticket. Get down there and show them your moves.

Check it out

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Fender heavy silver guitar pick

Image: Fender

Fender Heavy 351 Silver Playable Guitar Pick

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Writer

Sometimes we guitar enthusiasts just want to go full-on metal and this sterling silver recreation of the classic Fender 351 guitar pick could be the key to releasing the elusive Dimebag Darrell hidden deep inside us all. Released last year to mark Fender’s 75th anniversary, this 10g pick will certainly make quite a racket when you use it to bash away indiscriminately at your stringed instrument of choice. Plus, on the off chance you find yourself playing in a live setting, I imagine it could double as a rather effective shuriken should any of your fellow musicians or the ingrates in the audience get out of hand.

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Bose 2

Image: Bose

Clelia Niyikiza – Branded Content Assistant

I’ve had the pleasure of using the Bose Sound link Flex Bluetooth speakers all week, and it’s been a game-changer at home. I’ve been listening to tunes while working from home, having it in the shower and blasting beats in the kitchen. Since It’s built for any drops or spills, I love that I never have to worry about dropping it, especially in the shower. The sound system is also incredible, so I’ve had it on low at home, but I did get it outdoors once for a workout and was impressed after testing how high it can go.

It was very straightforward to connect to my phone and charged very quickly with a long battery life. I’m enjoying the range for bluetooth connection, making it easy to walk around my place without touching my phone after setting a playlist. I even used it to listen to a podcast in the morning, so it has become a great device to have for myself.

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Favourite Article of the Week: It’s Time to Admit It, The Oscars Sucks

Cutwater spirits mezcal reposado

Image: Cutwater Spirits

Cutwater Spirits Mezcal Reposado

Jaco Osborn – Staff Writer

Cutwater Spirits hail from sunny San Diego and remain best known for their popular canned cocktail program, which might give someone caution before picking up their new Mezcal Reposado. But I’m here to report that this stuff is downright fantastic. It’s crafted in the rocky and remote region of Durango, Mexico, where locally-grown agave is roasted in traditional volcanic rock pit ovens. After distillation, it rests in Cutwater Whiskey barrels before arriving in the bottle.

The result is a distinct and exceptionally well-rounded spirit, which bears resemblance to ultra-premium tequila until some gentle notes of smoke kick in at the finish. It opens on a nose of vanilla, honey, agave, grass, black pepper, and lime peel. That’s followed by a warm and glorious palate, which similarly combines notes of honeyed agave, vanilla, grass, lime, and black pepper. As previously mentioned, the pleasant smoke one might associate with high-quality mezcals doesn’t appear until the final act.

I’ve sampled most of Cutwater Spirits’ range and their Mezcal Reposado is my favourite by a long shot. It’s bottled at the perfect ABV of 45% and completely missing that sort of funky chemical quality one can often pick up from even great mezcals. The distillery also released a Mezcal Silver, which is likewise delicious though slightly more familiar in terms of its flavour profile. You can do no wrong picking up either one, but if you want something truly unique, stick with the Reposado and prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise.

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