Montblanc & Artist David Bromley – In Aid of Unicef

Of the many feathers in artist David Bromley’s cap, his most playful and, arguably, recognisable is his repertoire of sculptures and paintings that capture the youthful innocence of childhood. It’s only fitting, therefore, that when Montblanc decided to team up with an artist to help raise money for childrens’ education charity UNICEF, he was their guy.

montblanc aid of unicef art studio

Bromley’s studio, in the heart of Melbourne’s busy Windsor, is a nod to the extensions of the artist’s personality, with his own works dotted throughout a collection of pieces from all over the world, from an array of other creators, both highly-lauded and obscure.

We were lucky enough to be hosted by Montblanc and David in his studio last week, to celebrate Montblanc’s continued work to introduce children the world over to the art of writing, and their latest collection of pens and accessories, which evoke the importance of education in a child’s life.

montblanc aid of unicef pen

The collection, appropriately named ‘The Gift of Writing’, is centred around three pens, designed with the Rosetta stone in mind, which feature the first letter of six different alphabets (being the first thing children around the world learn to write), in a display of harmony and unity, with education remaining the focus for the luxury brand’s philanthropic efforts.

montblanc aid of unicef drawing

The collection also features leather goods, watches, cufflinks and writing pads, and is on sale now, with all proceeds going towards Montblanc’s commitment to bring education to 5 million children who currently go without.

Montblanc for unicef

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montblanc aid of unicef watch

montblanc aid of unicef music

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