Montblanc Le Petit Prince Elegantly Scribes Your Imagination

Aristocrat, aviator and renowned auteur Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s breakthrough novella Le Petit Prince (in English: The Little Prince) has inspired the imagination of thousands of children and adults alike. With Montblanc’s Le Petit Prince Fountain Pen, you’ll be able to capture your most imaginative musings with beautiful style.

montblanc le petit prince blue

The pen comes in two sizes—Classique or LeGrand—and in a striking and deep blue that represents the expansive night sky that so captured the attention of Le Petit Prince readers. The nib is made of handcrafted Au585/14 K and is bi-color. The Petit Prince and the fox are etched into the nib, which is just one more of the many details crafted into this writing implement. The pen top also features the fox’s silhouette. The central ring of the three plantinum-coated rings proudly proclaims the pen to be a Montblanc Meisterstruck. Even the clip has been embellished with a yellow lacquered star. As a final detail, the cap features a sentence from Le Petit Prince as well as the emblem.

montblanc le petit prince ballpoint pen

If fountain pens don’t appeal to you, the Le Petit Prince collection is also available as a roller ball and ball point pen. You can purchase refills and cartridges to go along with any of the pens. An ink bottle is also available as well as a Le Petit Prince themed notebook and a bracelet.

Let Petit Prince may once have captured your imagination, now you can follow that example by capturing your creativity with a pen that matches the depth of your thoughts.

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