Navy SEALs Teach Us How to Reduce Stress Through Breathing

Life is stressful. Work, family, bills, Trump…the list goes on.

Gear Patrol is on the ball with a simple guide for reducing stress through breathing. It’s a technique called Box Breathing and its endorsed by none other than the U.S. Navy SEALs, who use Box Breathing to stay calm and focused. It’s also an incredibly useful for dealing with the anxieties of daily life. I’m sure plenty of you out there could use a skill like that. I know I could. Best of all, it takes less than 5 minutes.

navy seal box breathing technique

Step 1: Find a comfortable chair or place to lie down.
Step 2: Slowly Inhale for 4 seconds.
Step 3: Hold air in your lungs for 4 seconds.
Step 4: Slowly exhale for 4 seconds, emptying all of the air in your lungs.
Step 5: Hold your lungs empty for 4 seconds.
Step 6: Repeat for five minutes, or as long as is necessary to feel refocused and relaxed.

Publication: GearPatrol
Technique: QuietKit
Image: History

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