Never Lose Your Pen Again – Introducing the Cross Peerless TrackR Trackable Pen

How many pens have you lost so far this year? Is the fear of losing it the only thing holding you back from buying a really nice pen? Well, Cross has created the world’s first trackable pen to alleviate your worries.

cross trackr new design pen

The Cross Peerless TrackR is designed for those who want to experience the luxury of a fine writing instrument without the worry of it getting lost, left behind, or stolen. This beautiful wide-profile pen is based on Cross’s celebrated Peerless line but with added security. Within the pen is a tracking device that lets you keep tabs on your pen’s whereabouts via the TrackR mobile app and through Bluetooth. To locate your pen, simply open the TrackR app, and the pen will automatically play a subtle chime and flash a light. Plus, you can use it in reverse; press the small pen button to locate your phone.

cross peerless trackr robust black pen

The pen’s design seamlessly combines form and function and brings an old world charm into the modern age. It’s one of those rare occasions where batteries are included for an even more convenient experience. You can pair TrackR with a Cross Pen Pouch that also features the tracking technology to keep the pen protected or use the pouch to locate other valuables. Available in two colours, a robust black and an elegant cerulean blue, the Peerless TrackR has a comfortable balance to it and writes as beautifully as it looks.

Check it out

cross peerless trackr black pen


cross peerless trackr black and blue pen

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