A Sound Sense of Style – Grovemade Wooden Speakers

Sometimes a design comes along so beautiful in the way it looks like it is supposed to work that we couldn’t really give a toss if it makes any difference when put into practice. Hailing from Portland, Oregon (like all great lifestyle advancements), this wooden speaker system from design gurus Grovemade in collaboration with industrial designer Joey Roth is one of the most visually engaging sound systems out there. Designed to fit snugly next to your computer, these sound machines are just as comfortable attached to a proper hi-fi as they are on a desktop and the combination of walnut or maple (depending on your flavour preference) with leather-clad stainless steel stands is a visually sumptuous delight.

grovemade wooden speaker inside

The key to the speakers uniqueness in its ability to project bass is the mathematically ideal horn that’s been carved out of the inner body. This design enhances the speaker’s low frequency response without the group delay and phase distortion endemic of the more common bass reflex enclosure. At $599 USD they’re not a bad little investment either if the idea of being the only bloke on the block with a sound system that looks like an inner ear canal (which has a somewhat logical symmetry to it) is music to your own set of dumbo wings.

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grovemade wooden speaker on the table