Stranahan’s Snowflake Whiskey

Snowflake Whiskey by Stranahan’s Distillery is a prize that cannot be found on the shelves of any liquor store. It is sold on a first come, first-serve basis in Colorado on one day only—in December. Undeterred by frigid temperatures, people camp out for hours before tickets are handed out at 6 AM just to score a single bottle of this special liquid. Last December a line of hundreds of people shivered in freezing temperatures to score this whiskey. The cult of Snowflake Whiskey lovers are not deterred by the weather—no matter how cold it gets.

stranahan snowflake whiskey 3 bottle

So, what makes Snowflake whiskey so special? Well, for starters it is made using 100 percent malted barley and Rocky Mountain water. Then, the batches are aged to perfection in no less than two years. White American oak barrels are used for the ageing process. The whiskey is finally transferred into used sherry, wine, rum, tequila and cognac barrels where it absorbs the unique flavours from the cask. Master Distiller Rob Dietrich gathers samples from each barrel and joins them together to find the perfect marriage of flavours. The result is always exceptionally unique—and incredibly delicious.

Snowflake Whiskey coming from Stranahan’s was already pretty amazing as it was. But, it keeps getting better and better as the years pass. That is why we can’t wait for Stranahan’s to release this year’s edition because we don’t believe that it can get any better than it already is. But, never one to disappoint, we are sure that Stranahan’s will come through with something even more amazing than last year.

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