Bottoms Up Nude dining Sydney

Sydney Goes Nude for Dinner at Bottoms Up

It will be quite an intimate setting—and that’s not hyperbole. Bottoms Up Sydney will be held at the Stitch Bar in the Sydney CBD in conjunction with Young Nudists of Australia, “an online community existing primarily on Facebook which is frequented by young people aged 18–40 who are actively enjoying and sharing the naturist/nudist lifestyle.” The event will host Sydneysiders in the buff, au natural, wearing only their birthday suits. Guests will be treated to plenty of beer and cocktails. The menu is also appropriately themed—Mac n’ Cheese balls, Classic Hot Dog with a smoked Louisiana pork sausage, and a pulled pork taco. Guests will be given a plastic lanyard to store their cash and cards. Tickets for the event cost $30.

The event isn’t a free-for-all—food is being served, after all. Participants have to be over 18. The event organizers were very clear that this is a non-sexual event, and “anybody found to be behaving inappropriately will be removed from the room, required to dress and ejected from the venue.” And if you’re worried about the sanitary conditions of the food and drink being served, all the staff will “remain clothed for operational, health, safety and hygiene reasons.” Sounds like Stitch Bar will be running a respectable event, despite bar owner Karl Schlothauer’s comment that “we love to push boundaries.” It’s a good thing that some boundaries will remain in place for the event.

Bottoms Up Sydney will be Sunday, October 27, from 3pm to 8pm. Tickets are available through Eventbrite. If you’re comfortable with a little show while you dine, and you don’t mind a fresh breeze, then you might want to set aside the date—and don’t worry about getting your clothes cleaned.

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