Tackle Baldness Before it Starts with Good Guy

Let’s tackle the topic head-on, there is nothing sexy about thinning hair (George Costanza wasn’t necessarily considered a sex symbol, ya know?). Traditionally, most men can reasonably assume the fate of their strands based upon family history; grandpa was bald by 50, dad was bald at 45, I should be bald by 40 at the earliest, right? If only it were that simple.

While a decent portion of men who experience male pattern baldness are genetically pre-disposed to it, some men who thought hair loss was an “old man problem” will begin to notice changes to their hair’s thickness and texture at younger ages, be it thanks to some environmental conditions (read: pollution), health issues or just because it’s your time.

Unfortunately, there’s no exact formula for who will lose their hair and when. And to add insult to injury, some men start to experience hair loss as early as their teens. Awesome.

So what’s a guy to do when his hairline is receding or he’s starting to notice his hair getting thinner? Hopefully, he doesn’t reach for a bottle of Rogaine, pre-emptively give himself a baldie, and God-forbid he doesn’t start researching hair plugs ( serious question – do those look good on anyone?).

Good Guy understands that while no one is really prepared to start losing their hair, having proactive and reactive options for hair growth and regrowth solutions is a start. Good Guy is an affordable and easily accessible 4-step treatment of products that aims to take the sting out of losing one’s hair. Complete with a Hair Regrowth Shampoo, Good Guy Hair Regrowth Conditioner, Hair Growth Gummy Vitamins and Hair Regrowth Treatment, Good Guy products work in tandem as an effective remedy to stimulate hair follicles and promote strong and healthy hair.

So before you crush your dreams of driving around the city with the top down, cool wind in your hair – ask yourself, “What would the Good Guy do?”

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