Le Marche, Italy | Image: Lonely Planet

Want a Getaway? Rent This Entire Italian Village for Under $2,500 a Night

Booking a holiday means deciding between various accommodation options: hostels, hotels, motels, Airbnb, a friend or relative’s couch, or wherever you pass out after a night out on the town. However, this holiday accommodation offer includes an entire village with all of the above options and so much more in the USD$1,577 (AUD$2,358.62) per night cost! Thanks to GroupAccomodation.com, you can rent out the tiny hilltop village of Petritoli in Le Marche, a medieval town in Italy that sleeps 50-200 people across 100 bedrooms. As part of their ‘Rent Your Own Village’ campaign, they’re offering “an alternative location to those who search an unconventional destination.”

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Image: Group Accommodation

Rent Your Own Village is a travel campaign by GroupAccomodation.com that offers “a place where guests can take home an experience, something to talk about and to remember.” Situated against the backdrop of the Sibillini mountains and sea, the tiny hilltop village of Petritoli is located close to the Adriatic coast within an unspoiled region of Italy, Le Marche, about three hours northeast of Rome.

By renting your own village, you can take in the ancient charm of this tranquil town, complete with stone homes, towers, winding cobblestone alleys, a Baroque theatre, Roman cellars, and a lovely castle, for about close to $2K per night.

Le Marche, Italy | Image: Wine Searcher

Le Marche, Italy | Image: Wine Searcher

Up to 200 visitors can stay in the village, with your choice of lodgings like a castle with pending gardens and swimming pools, self-catered apartments, charming traditional houses, boutique lodgings, bed and breakfasts, and a host of other hotels. You also won’t need to worry about food since there are 19 kitchens available for guests, with a professional catering team to provide breakfast, lunch, gala and banquet catering for up to 200 people.

This once-in-a-lifetime holiday deal is worthwhile, not just for the chance to enjoy an entire village all to yourself, but for the opportunity to experience the charm of authentic Italy. Guests will have access to private parks, amusement facilities, saloons, squares and gardens alongside the sights of the local beaches and the rolling hills.

“The village is hidden and has not got the typical trappings of tourism,” like multilingual menus, looming parking tickets or insistent vendors”, according to the website. “In no time, you will feel like a local, welcomed by the hosts of your village because they are happy you came.”

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Le Marche, Italy | Image: Group Accommodation

Le Marche, Italy | Image: Group Accommodation

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