Try the Pistol Squat Challenge with SKINS New K-PROPRIUM Compression Tights

If you find yourself to be the active type and you train regularly, there is no doubt you would have heard about compression tights, in particularly the SKINS brand which has built a formidable reputation over the past decade. As a long-time user of SKINS on my runs (particularly in winter), I can immediately speak highly of the benefits that compression apparel has on your body whether it is to improve performance, provide warmth or prevent injury. Put simply, I feel a little lighter when I run in the tights. So when we heard that Skins had developed a new technological range (called K-PROPRIUM), it didn’t take much convincing for me to grab a pair and test them out.

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While it could be said that SKINS has released ‘another pair of compression tights’, The SKINS K-Proprium tights are significantly different and more advanced than their original predecessor range, which is already highly regarded by top athletes around the globe. The inclusion of Proprioceptive Power Bands (PPB’s) is what separates this new range from the rest, as it aims to increase performance by getting more oxygen to your muscles and removing waste products from the body faster. The strategically embedded PPB’s also act as athletic strapping which is commonly seen on professional athletes. Remember that blue or black tape you see running down footballer’s legs? Think of this as an ‘all-in-one’ where you’re not only investing in compression tights to prevent injury but you’re also aiming to improve your performance, whether that is through high intensity of endurance styled training.

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But how do we know these work? I’m certainly not a professional athlete so we enlisted the help of our Crossfit fanatic friend to get his thoughts and we tried out the Pistol Squat Challenge first without, and then with the tights. With the tights he was able to get lower into his squat with the tights on and felt more stable and supported. All this means is he’s able to focus on what’s important, his technique and getting the most out of the exercises and movements.

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Without going into any more scientific jargon, the SKINS K-PROPRIUM tights are as comfortable and as durable as ever before, overall making me feel like a professional with the added support of the Laminar bands. As someone who covers a lot of km’s throughout the year, what I found personally was that I was able to comfortably train for longer without causing any extra muscular strain and fatigue to my muscles during or after the physical activity. Merging compression with proprioception, the tights are highly recommended for both endurance training and high intensity workouts, so consider this a massive advance when deciding which compression tights to invest in.

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So we want to challenge you. Can you do a Pistol Squat? If not, go out and get some K-PROPRIUM tights then let us know how you fare.


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