Vollebak Releases an Indestructible Puffer Built from the World’s Strongest Fibres

“Puffer” is a pretty good way to describe the winter jacket known for its appearance. Not only is the jacket “puffy,” it’s also usually pretty delicate. Lightweight material is used to ensure that the insulation doesn’t get smashed down, but that also means that the material is susceptible to damage. Vollebak is breaking from that tradition and creating the world’s strongest puffer jacket.

vollebak indestructible puffer winter jacket

For their Indestructible Puffer, Vollebak is relying on a material called Dyneema. This material is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is actually the strongest fibre known to man today. Dyneema is so strong, in fact, that it is 15 times stronger than steel. Dyneema was originally used in body armour, anti-ballistic vehicle armour, and mooring systems for giant container ships. It was also used to make ropes to tie down oil rigs. According to Vollebak, the material is so strong that it broke the machines that were testing its strength and even stopped rounds from a Kalashnikov. Dyneema is 40 percent stronger than aramid fibres. Vollebak’s puffer is made of 100 percent Dyneema—it’s not going to fail anytime soon. Vollebak extensively tested the material before using it on their jacket. They tested it against blunt-force trauma as well as knife slashes, and it passed with flying colours. Standing up to those tests means you can trust that the jacket will withstand any trail you put it through, whether that be from falls, rocks, ice, or trees.

puffer winter jacket with hood

But can it stand up against the cold? Dyneema fabric actually gets stronger the colder it gets. The jacket is also rated to keep you warm at -40 degrees C. It’s insulated and triple-lined and uses recycled plastic to make its insulation rather than feathers. And it’s light, weighing only 2,500 grams. The jacket has two outside pockets lined with fleece and two invisible pockets on the inside that are large enough for wallets and passports.

puffer winter jacket frozen with eyes

The Indestructible Puffer is available on Vollebak’s website and is listed at $995.

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