Who Won the 2017 World Vodka Awards?

Here to prove once and for all that not all vodka tastes the same are the 2017 World Vodka Awards. Presented by The Drinks Report, the World Vodka Awards implicitly challenge all the naysayers to buck up and start sipping a spirit they normally only mix with cranberry or Red Bull. Speaking personally, we used to think that the quality of vodka could only be measured by its palatability, meaning the good stuff was smooth and the bad stuff tasted like gasoline. However, after trying some tippy top shelf selections we can say with confidence that there are indeed vodkas out there with true distinction and character. Most of them come from Russia or Ukraine, where they drink vodka in lieu of essentially all other beverages, including water (just kidding, Russia and Ukraine–take it easy).

Qualitative differences notwithstanding, there aren’t too many categories when it comes to the World Vodka Awards, and among the three top winners two came from the same brand. Hence without further ado we present the shining three winners. May you try them neat and chilled with your Borscht and Beef Stroganoff.

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nemiroff premium de luxe

World’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka – Nemiroff Premium De Luxe

Okay, so we know we just went on a small tangent about the tippy top shelf when it comes to quality vodka, but apparently you can sip on the best vodka in the world for about $20 a bottle. From each sip of this World Vodka Awards champion you can expect bursts of citrus, light sweetness, grassy notes and even some spice. Overall, this is a beautifully balanced spirit coming to us from Ukraine, and trust us those Ukranians know their vodka.

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nemiroff premium cranberry

World’s Best Flavoured Vodka – Nemiroff Premium Cranberry

Sure, you’re always getting vodka cran, but how about doubling down and trying cranberry vodka cran. No? Too much cran? Well, if you should decide to double dose you can rest assured your taste buds are in good hands with Nemiroff, who makes their second appearance on our modest list of three. Taste the flavour.

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varietal valentine vodka

World’s Best Varietal – Valentine Vodka

Representing from Detroit, Michigan (USA) is Valentine Vodka. It’s an award winning mid-range spirit created from an in-house proprietary blend of corn, wheat and barley. It’s tripled distilled to deliver smoothness as it slides across the tongue and taste buds. Apparently at least some of that distillation is done by hand using the same techniques bootleggers employed during the prohibition era. Is the “Valentine” in the name perhaps a reference to the legendary massacre? We don’t know. Regardless, this champion spirit would rather seduce your palate than destroy it, hence all the awards.

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