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Penhaligon’s Brings an Incomparable Gifting Emporium to Sydney

In Partnership with Penhaligon’s

From royal warrants to fragrant firsts, you won’t find a more storied and sought-after purveyor of the very finest scents for both yourself and your home than Penhaligon’s. Now, this historic emporium has opened its doors to Sydney via a new boutique located in the heart of the Queen Victoria Building, somehow managing to elevate our fair city’s most glamorous shopping destination to new heights. No matter the occasion—from Christmas and birthdays to engagements and anniversaries—Penhaligon’s new location should be regarded as the first stop for those looking to gift with discernment.

Such a reputation is well-earned, as Penhaligon’s has been crafting the most exquisite olfactory experiences since it was founded by William Penhaligon over 150 years ago. Just follow your nose and as you enter the new boutique and you’ll find yourself surrounded by an extraordinary range of products from the brand’s incomparable Fragrance, Bath & Body, and Home categories. What’s more, you’ll also encounter a number of exclusive perfumes that can’t be found anywhere else in Australia or New Zealand. And to give your gifts that final personal touch, you can have glass bottles engraved and leather pouches embossed in-store, so the gift receiver feels particularly special. 

For those unfamiliar with Penhaligon’s—and those who might need a little additional inspiration when it comes to gifting—let’s take a moment to explore some of the iconic perfumery’s most exciting products. From best-selling items, to the new Potions & Remedies Collection, as well as a range of products to give your home that finishing touch, all can be found adorning the shelves of Penhaligon’s new Sydney boutique, where you’ll feel empowered to gift glamorously. 

Penhaligon’s Best Sellers

Halfeti l Penhaligon’s


There’s no better place to start our journey than with Halfeti, which—like so many of Penhaligon’s scents—is available in a range of products, including eau de parfum, bath soap, body and hand wash or lotion, and more. Serving up a deep, rich, and captivating fragrance that blends fruits, spices and base notes with creamy jasmine, and black rose, Halfeti is an intoxicating scent that suits men and women in equal measure. 

Luna l Penhaligon’s


Available as an eau de toilette, deodorant, hand cream, soap, and more, Luna boasts an enticing mix of orange, jasmine, soft rose, and fir balsam. According to Penhaligon’s, this scent is an homage to the “bright, beautiful dappled softness of moonlight”, making it a perfect gift for that special lady who’s hard to buy for. 

Lord george
The Tragedy of Lord George l Penhaligon’s

The Tragedy of Lord George

This eau de parfum is the head of Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection and its delightful scent recalls a mixture of shaving soap and warming rum. With a base note of ambrox, a head note that delivers the aforementioned rum, and a heart note of tonka bean, Lord George is a welcoming scent that offers a sophisticated yet mysterious take on traditional masculinity.

The Coveted Duchess Rose l Penhaligon’s

The Coveted Duchess Rose

An elegant fragrance for the equally elegant lady in your life, this eau de parfum combines a head note of mandarin, heart note of rose centifolia, and base note of vanilla to create a modern and fresh scent that hasn’t forgotten about old-school sophistication.

Solaris l Penhaligon’s


While it may be a new arrival, Solaris has fast become a favourite amongst Penhaligon’s devotees. Intended as an ode to the sun, this eau de parfum’s notes of citrus and blackcurrant are joined by cedar, sandalwood, and vanilla to create an uplifting sense of warmth.

Empressa l Penhaligon’s


Empressa is a scent laced with peach, vanilla and blood orange, which draws its inspiration from the beauty of pearls, precious silks, and fine fabrics. Available as an eau de parfum and a body and hand wash or lotion, this warm and lustrous fragrance will make an unforgettable gift no matter the occasion.

Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies Collection

New to the Penhaligon’s offering is this stunning Potions & Remedies Collection, which takes William Penhaligon’s devotion to creating products that delight and uplift and used that idea to craft five eau de parfums using ingredients that boost the wearer’s mood. Plus, if you’re not entirely sure a scent is for you, you’re in luck as each purchase from the collection includes a sample of the same scent to test before you open the full-size fragrance. Please note, Australian availability for the stunning Potions & Remedies Collection is an in-store exclusive at the Queen Victoria Building boutique, so stop by to discover it for yourself.

Eau the Audacity l Penhaligon’s

Eau the Audacity

Combining notes of black pepper, incense, and vanilla with a surprising hit of orange blossom, this ambery leather scent is designed to help you shake off any sense of shyness, giving you a burst of courage with every breath.

Kiss bliss
A Kiss of Bliss l Penhaligon’s

A Kiss of Bliss

Designed to deliver a sense of elation, A Kiss of Bliss uses bergamot, green clover, musk, and jasmine to help you shake off those blues. This is a fragrance immaculately crafted to evoke sunny days and warm evenings spent dancing the night away.

Liquid love
Liquid Love l Penhaligon’s

Liquid Love

Passion is the name of the game with this fragrance, which Penhaligon’s claims to have summoned in order to “set hearts a-flutter”. Combining a rush of rose with the bewitching aromas of pink pepper, ginger, and turmeric, along with the heat of chilli and musk, Liquid Love is intended to add an irresistible touch of spice to proceedings.

Vra vra vroom
Vra Vra Vroom l Penhaligon’s

Vra Vra Vroom

Unlock your imagination with Vra Vra Vroom, which delivers an energetic concoction of mandarin and magnolia with notes of apricot, leather, and osmanthus. This scent is intended to invigorate and inspire you, letting nothing come between you and success. 

Balm of calm
A Balm of Calm l Penhaligon’s

A Balm of Calm

Leave your cares behind with this forgotten formula William Penhaligon created to banish worries in a haze of woody Fougère. A soothing mix of lavender, geranium, iris, and sandalwood makes A Balm of Calm the perfect recipe for relaxation and serenity. 

Potion & Remedies Discovery Set l Penhaligon’s

Potion & Remedies Discovery Set

Unsure of what ails you? This wonderful package combines samples of all five of the potions and remedies outlined above, so you’re sure to find the one best suited to your particular needs. 

Penhaligon’s Smells Like Home

As we’ve already referenced, Penhaligon’s goes beyond fragrances for your good self, offering a beautiful selection of candles designed to ensure your home smells just as alluring as you do. Below we’ve collected a few of our favourites from the range, each of which is guaranteed to transform your home into an aromatic oasis. 

Anbar Stone l Penhaligon’s

Anbar Stone

A warm and enveloping mix of cinnamon, honey, and amber, the Anbar Stone candle’s sensual scent creates an atmosphere of sweet opulence that will transform your home from lacklustre to luxurious.

Maduro Leaf l Penhaligon’s

Maduro Leaf

With a scent that evokes wood-panelled walls, soft-leather armchairs, and the smell of a burning fire mixed with cigar smoke, the warming sensation of the Maduro Leaf candle will give your home the irresistibly seductive air of a high-end Havanan gentlemen’s club. 

Comoros Pearl l Penhaligon’s

Comoros Pearl

Ideal for conjuring a sense of coastal bliss within your home, the Comoros Pearl candle releases the scent of a warm ocean wind carrying soft musky accents, along with the aroma of heady white flowers. 

Penhaligons 1

You might mistake this guide for an exhaustive exploration of Penhaligon’s catalogue of fragrant delights. However, the truth is that we’ve barely scratched the surface of the wonders waiting to be discovered as you step through the doors of the Queen Victoria Building’s most luxurious new shop front. 

To fully immerse yourself in the world of Penhaligon’s and the brand’s more than 150 years of incredible—and highly giftable—perfumed products, don’t miss your chance to pay the store a visit the next time you’re in Sydney. Until that time, dive into the full range via the link below.