Huckberry Teases with a Grail Gift Guide for Christmas

Struggling with what to ask for this Christmas? Huckberry’s new Grail Gift Guide is out and it lists off some ideas you might want to consider.

Huckberry Grail Gifts custom vintage bronco

For three years now, Huckberry has been producing the Grail Gift Guide—a list of items that anyone would be happy to own. How do you get these items? It’s simple: just place an order over $50 on and follow them on Instagram and you’ll be entered into the giveaway. This year’s giveaway is a 1967 Rolex GMT 1675. If you’re not familiar with that watch, it’s the one with the iconic “Pepsi dial,” and was originally designed for Pan AM pilots in the 1950s. The watch was kept in production until 1980, during which time many celebrities sported the watch, including Sylvester Stallone, Tom Selleck, and Marlon Brando.

Huckberry Grail Gifts sweden's treehotel

Even if you don’t enter into the giveaway, taking a look at the list is well worth it. Huckberry lists 13 items for the list, and they run the whole gamut. There is, of course, the Rolex, but it’s joined by items like an original painting by Conrad Jon Godly. Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona made the list, as did a new Triumph Scrambler. If travel is on the itinerary, you might want to check out the entries for a stay at the Jamaican property that was the setting for Ian Fleming’s GoldenEye, or maybe stay at Sweden’s Treehotel. The list also includes a custom vintage Bronco by Icon 4X4, a pair of autographed Air Jordan 12s, a Bob Kramer Knife, a Leica M 10-P ASC 100 Edition camera, and the Macallan 72-year-old Lalique Genesis Decanter. The items on the list run the range of prices, but whether you choose one or not, you can use the list as inspiration for your own Christmas Bucket List.

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Huckberry Grail Gifts 1967 rolex gmt

Huckberry Grail Gifts rolex daytona

Huckberry Grail Gifts bob kramer knife

Huckberry Grail Gifts autograph air jordan

Huckberry Grail Gifts triumph scrambler

Huckberry Grail Gifts wave trailer

Huckberry Grail Gifts leica limited edition

Huckberry Grail Gifts goldenEye resort